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Black Friday

The other day, I got a new doormat. Now some of you may remember that I also got a new doormat during the early summer. The story was so ridiculous that I had to write about it in my article, "My Darling Doormat." Eventually, this doormat was traded in for a newer, cleaner replacement, as you can see here:


Fancy, no? 

So, because I'm borderline insane, I decided not to take any chances and left my darling husband a love letter on the door, for when he got home:


A masterpiece, isn't it. So, he obviously took into consideration what his beloved and cherished wife wrote, and responded in the best way that promotes shalom bayit (marital peace,) as you can see below:


Now that's what I call love. 

The Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday weekend marathon for people that likely already have more than enough stuff, compelled me to be like an annoying mother and remind all of you: don't let yourselves get too attached to your stuff. It's just stuff! 

Why don't they just call it Black December, because that's really what it is. Or maybe they should change it to Amazon December, because does anyone actually go to the mall anymore? 

BTW, did you know that here in Israel, we also had Black Friday? Just take a look!


Can anyone explain this to me??


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Rav Lazer

I think it is a promotional campaign for the office supplies company called Kravitz.

Possibly it is some sort of word play on Black Friday and the Lenny Kravitz song "In the Black?"


Hi Londonmale! I just found it extremely funny that here in Israel, probably next to no Israeli actually knows what Black Friday stands for- the big shopping weekend that happens right after Thanksgiving. What I also found hysterical was not only do they likely not know, but the store Kravitz, which is an electronic store, decides to call their sale Black Kravitz. I don't think they even realized that this could be a reference to Lenny Kravitz, which is what made is so funny for me. Shabbat Shalom!

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