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Garden of Wisdom Lesson #4: The Encounter

Today, we return our focus to the Clever One from Rebbe Nachman's tale of the Clever One and the Simple One. After travelling around the world, the Clever One comes home and meets his old friend the Simple One, in a very stark contrast…

If you're new to this series, designed for the whole family, you can find earlier lessons at this link. Enjoy!


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Thank you for your time in bringing this story to us in such a nice way.
It really brings home some of the ways I react to situations which have become a habit and now from what you have brought I can see I don't need to continue to act like this - before I just thought it was how I was (obviously a capital 'I') but now as you've brought, of course, even this is from Hashem, to remind me for sure in this area (now I'm thinking there must be lots of other areas!) I've forgotten Who is in charge. It's mind-blowing - thank Goodness that while we are on this earth anything can be corrected.
Best wishes,

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