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Tuesday, 08 November 2016


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Julie Pujol

Very well said I too have dual Americann-Israelli citizenship and deeply concerned for both. I had to. Move back to the States for health reasons, but my heart will always be in The Land. G-d save us both!


Julie, you should have a complete and speedy recovery and G-d willing you will come back home soon!


Absolutely beautifully written, thank you so much Racheli and Rav Lazer, this is the only sane prognosis on the election I have heard thus far, and I've done an awful lot of reading. May Hashem bless you always.


Ah ..hum.. and um..

my two bits...

"One World Under God "

The only and bestest way.. :) :)


Thanks so much, David! Warmest blessings to you as well!


God willing, very soon, Ziporah!


We want Moshiach now!


Most people looking at the USA from the outside would think that secularism has taken over. In fact, our last government for the past 8 years has forced upon our necks that very yoke. But believe me, Americans have been stock piling weapons and ammo to ready herself to take back this country by force if necessary especially if the election process was compromised. We love our freedom! and I believe God is still working overtime on behalf of the USA. Many people understand that this country house the lost 10 tribes of the house of Israel which really make this nation and Israelite nation. It is written in the holy scriptures that the 10 tribes will be brought home!


Yes, Mark. I also believe that God certainly wants the best for the US, and that He has many pleasant surprises in store for us! Thanks for your input!

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