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Black Friday

The other day, I got a new doormat. Now some of you may remember that I also got a new doormat during the early summer. The story was so ridiculous that I had to write about it in my article, "My Darling Doormat." Eventually, this doormat was traded in for a newer, cleaner replacement, as you can see here:


Fancy, no? 

So, because I'm borderline insane, I decided not to take any chances and left my darling husband a love letter on the door, for when he got home:


A masterpiece, isn't it. So, he obviously took into consideration what his beloved and cherished wife wrote, and responded in the best way that promotes shalom bayit (marital peace,) as you can see below:


Now that's what I call love. 

The Black Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday weekend marathon for people that likely already have more than enough stuff, compelled me to be like an annoying mother and remind all of you: don't let yourselves get too attached to your stuff. It's just stuff! 

Why don't they just call it Black December, because that's really what it is. Or maybe they should change it to Amazon December, because does anyone actually go to the mall anymore? 

BTW, did you know that here in Israel, we also had Black Friday? Just take a look!


Can anyone explain this to me??

Holy Digger, Batman!

Hi all! Racheli here. I hope your week is going great so far - unless, of course, you’re already looking forward to the end of the week. I can’t blame you. Imagine this scene: one of our greatest spiritual leaders takes a shovel in his hands and begins to dig up the ground in preparation for a new building. Most of us would be shocked by the sight of an elderly Torah giant digging up the ground. But, the Torah tells us that this is precisely what our forefather Isaac did, when he began digging up wells. Why didn’t he have his servants do the back-breaking work? Find out Rav Brody’s answer in Holy Digger, his elaboration on this week’s Torah portion, Toldot, the feature article in this week’s issue of Breslev Israel’s webmag.

People come to Rav Arush for his blessings and advice to help them solve all kinds of problems. One of the main areas that they seek his wisdom is in the area of money. Being caught up in a money pit of working and barely surviving is not anyone’s idea of making a decent living. When these people ask him what they can do about it, how does he respond? Read Rav Arush’s game-changing answer in First Aid for More Money.

In writing my latest article, I discovered that I have a slight jealousy problem. I thought I was above that, since I’m so spiritual, you know. But, alas, I have come to terms with the fact that I’m still a human. So what am I so jealous about? And, really, is it such a problem to be a little jealous of someone else? Like, what’s the big deal? Find out in my article, Food Envy.

Rebbetzin Yehudit Channen writes about a defining moment in her life that led her to want to discover what being Jewish was all about in The Lying Truth.

Dr. Zev Ballen gives us an incredible real life example of how all of our prayers create tremendous effects, even when we don’t see them, in The Sound of Heaven.

Lori Steiner gives us the recipe for success in Measuring Success.

Is it really possible to be happy and stress-free in any situation? Dovber Halevy gives us a simple Game Changing Phrase to make this dream a reality.

Pinney Wolman shows that Divine Providence can even happen on his Hitchhike to Emuna.

Don't forget to check out Rav Brody's next stop in Breslev Israel's "Starting Over" tour, and have an awesome week!

Welcome, Rebbetzin Channen!

Happy new week, everyone! Since Rav Brody is on vacation, i.e. the "Starting Over" tour, I'm takin' over. And the first thing I would like to do as self-appointed person-in-charge-who's-not-really-in-charge is to introduce Breslev Israel's newest writer and Emuna Therapist, Rebbetzin Yehudit Channen! 

Rebbetzin Channen began her career as a crisis intervention counselor in Silver Spring, MD. After moving to Israel, she worked as a marital mediator and social skills instructor for kids. Following the death of a son, she became a certified bereavement counselor and worked with young mothers who had suffered a loss. Most recently, she worked at the Melabev Center for the memory-impaired, as an activity director and group facilitator for families coping with Dementia. The Rebbetzin has written for numerous magazines and newspapers and recently led an interactive creating writing course. She is the wife of Rabbi Don Channen, Rosh Yeshiva of Keter HaTorah. They are blessed to have nine children and many grandchildren and live in Ramat Bet Shemesh.

Now that you've read her uber-impressive credentials, I want to introduce you to Yehudit, the woman. She is one of my closest friends, so I can tell you who she really is. Her challenges in life have given her the ability to truly empathize with the pain that others are going through. She is real; she is deep; she is compassionate, uplifting, and non-judgmental. She listens with her heart; not just her ears. She is a genuine person who doesn't live for anyone else's approval. She lives according to Truth.

Breslev Israel is truly blessed to welcome her to the team. I have told her that in my mind, she is the female equivalent of Dr. Zev Ballen, our amazing Emuna Therapist. I later found out that Dr. Zev told her that himself. 

Her career background, her charming personality, and her life experiences have combined to make Rebbetzin Yehudit Channen a therapist that will be an immense gift in her clients' lives. Anyone that has met with Dr. Ballen can attest to the unique and life-changing approach of Emuna and traditional therapy. Rebbetzin Channen adds her own special flavor to the only therapy in the world with the blessing of Rabbi Shalom Arush, and I know that she will be loved by many. 

Rebbetzin Channen is now available for counseling sessions. Contact her through 


It's Only a Joke

People say and do mean things to others or humiliate others in public, then shrug their shoulders and claim with ersatz innocence that it was only a joke. Is that claim acceptable in the Heavenly Court? What happens to pranksters and jokesters? Enjoy this week's emuna lesson and have a lovely new week!