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Sunday, 06 November 2016


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Shavua Tov, Racheli, :) :-)

Came on to Lazer Brody's blog, looked to see if you had wriiten something... (i do that always) and settled down to read your latest write-u.

Oh my, I could imagine how it must have been there for you, kids bowling and screaming,and - and you taking it all as calmly as you could ! Trying to be cool and collected, not really succeeding but coping.. enough and that is counted as "success", for young moms with young ones like you. Bravo....!!

As i read nostalgia of sorts fell in..
I tell everyone.. moms but especially grandma's, " Enjoy every moment you can with them.. they grow too fast"

and all toooo soon all changes... and all we have left then are those precious memories when you were the hero, (especially i mean us Grandmas).
Ok.. back to the present now...

Racheli, this time,you made me hungry.. . I could see those 'fries", (why do they call them French Fries?!! (have to check that one up). I could imagine, fried hot chicken with them... ooh... read it all, but the picture of the food just stayed in the brain..
Kept reading and read how you won.. against that old nasty.. yetza hara ..
and I could picture your heavenly cheerleaders, really cheering.. and is it okay to say, throwing their golden crowns up in the air?
(Racheli, if this is wrong.. what i wrote now... delete.) Todah..
You won..!!! Great..!! you made me see myself in situations like this... and i have akways mostly failed :( ..
the yetza hara always wins. where i am concerned... . .Oh well, i WILL try harder next time to count at least 5... if not more, and hope i can control my mouth to just stay shut..

Going back to fries and the rest... yum.. yum.. this is what i did. ..I called my son, and told him i had just read 'someones- write- up of fries and ketchup" .. aaand ...he was so sweeeet!!... he left his friend.. (girl) for a while to go and get me fries (Canadian ;-) i am being bad..:) LoL), with ketchup in 'packets', and fried chicken with .. Root beer.. and some cole slaw.. ( did not eat that..)
Now i felt satiated !! and am satiated!!.
Thanks Racheli... i am smiling contendly now... with a smile on me old face..

Oh. i did thank Hashem for the food... in my own words.. :-)

Have a lovely lovely week.. and Hashem bless you and yours... Amein v'Amein.


Zipora, now you've got me all hungry for a fully loaded hot dog and french fries! That's really not right, especially since I'm trying to stay away from processed foods and carbs and yeast and dairy and sugar and God knows what else. lol

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