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Tuesday, 01 November 2016


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Beautifully told us the message of teshuva... Thank you dear Racheli.

When i saw the title ; Mr. Fix it.. i already had a smile on me old face.. and got ready to smile more.. i did.. i did..

But i also sobered up a bit, for really the times we are in right now.. there's naught to do but teshuva and more teshuva.. and talking to Hashem.

Which by the by, i do... as Hashem seems to be the only one .. and always quite near, (to every body too), that one can just talk and talk, and Hashem listens and listens.. and sometimes, when you are waiting for an answer.. to a particular question.. perhaps, a troubling one.. you ask.. and look up.. but see nothing, only knowing in your heart that Hashem is there.. and Hashem's way of answering is different than how we would..
He answers for sure, like something you hear some one sayng.. and you realize.. that is the answer!! Or you open a book, perhaps, perhaps the tanach, and the answer stares out at you.

How marvelous the ways of Hashem.. B'H.\

thanks again Racheli, you are special.
as is so many too that i have met via the internet, the newest one from your last write up.

May you and yours be blessed.



You are totally right, Ziporah! Hashem is always near us and communicating with us. We just have to open our eyes! I'm so happy the posts make you smile. Your life should always be filled with smiles, no matter what happens!

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