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I've decided that I earned the prestigious title of "Mrs. Fix-it." As you can plainly see, I'm quite the handy woman. Yesterday my car was supposed to go through its annual test, but the guy that was supposed to pick it up called me while I was outside re-attaching my rear tail light cover. In the end, he didn't come by, and I'll have to wait until when did he say he was supposed to come again? Goodness, gracious.

My dad is gonna be so proud of me when he sees how nicely I fixed up the light. It's so funny, but in Israel, I suspect that most people won't burst out in laughter when they see me driving around with my light taped up. In the States, it's like a major God forbid. Something embarrassing like that could ruin a potential shidduch (match) for my kids one day, double God forbid.  

As you can see in top picture, below the light is the dent that happened when I backed up into the tree on the sidewalk a few weeks ago. Oops, did I just write "I"? I meant my husband. Anyhow, since then, I've been driving around with the plastic tail light cover laying on the floor in between the two front seats. I'm so happy I didn't throw it away!

Hopefully, my seamless taping job will get my car a passing grade, so I can actually drive it around legally. Over here, we can't renew our car registrations until we pass "The Test." I'll keep praying that my "test" goes OK...

Until then, allow me to share what I realized: teshuva can fix everything! And believe me, it does a much better job than my tape hackjob. Teshuva not only fixes things good as new, it can even make them better than before! Reish Lakish says that teshuva from love can turn your transgressions into your merits. Now I'm all for that! At this rate, I have so many potential merits, I might end up sitting next to Sarah Imenu in Heaven one day. 

Every day, you can fix what you did wrong. Talk to Hashem and tell Him that you want to grow closer to Him, but your annoying transgressions are holding you back. He may gladly oblige and wipe your slate clean just because He sees that you really mean it! Now that's what I call love!

Have a great day!



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Beautifully told us the message of teshuva... Thank you dear Racheli.

When i saw the title ; Mr. Fix it.. i already had a smile on me old face.. and got ready to smile more.. i did.. i did..

But i also sobered up a bit, for really the times we are in right now.. there's naught to do but teshuva and more teshuva.. and talking to Hashem.

Which by the by, i do... as Hashem seems to be the only one .. and always quite near, (to every body too), that one can just talk and talk, and Hashem listens and listens.. and sometimes, when you are waiting for an answer.. to a particular question.. perhaps, a troubling one.. you ask.. and look up.. but see nothing, only knowing in your heart that Hashem is there.. and Hashem's way of answering is different than how we would..
He answers for sure, like something you hear some one sayng.. and you realize.. that is the answer!! Or you open a book, perhaps, perhaps the tanach, and the answer stares out at you.

How marvelous the ways of Hashem.. B'H.\

thanks again Racheli, you are special.
as is so many too that i have met via the internet, the newest one from your last write up.

May you and yours be blessed.



You are totally right, Ziporah! Hashem is always near us and communicating with us. We just have to open our eyes! I'm so happy the posts make you smile. Your life should always be filled with smiles, no matter what happens!

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