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The Garden of Wisdom - Lesson #3

Today, we tell the story of the Simple Shoemaker from Rebbe Nachman's tale of the Clever One and the Simple One. In stark contrast to the Clever One, the Simple Shoemaker isn't very bright, but he sings and dances all day long … Don't forget to send us your letters and comments! There's a special email address that you'll get at the end of the shiur, and we'll be giving away prizes and surprises for the best letters.

As I promised on the vid, here are the words to the "Song of the Simpleton" so that the whole family can join in:


People call me simpleton

But that just suits me fine

I don’t look at other folks

I’m happy with what’s mine

So what if they have a high IQ

And I’m not very smart

They complain all the time

But I’m happy with my part.

Everyone makes fun of me

But I really do not care

It’s better to be a simple guy

Than some high-brow debonair. 


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