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Our good friend Menachem from Crown Heights writes, "Dear Rabbi Lazer, somebody in America should apologize for the knife that Kerry put in Israel's back and for Obama's sellout of our best friend..."

Menachem, nobody put a knife in Israel's back, because we never turned our backs on Barack Hussein Obama or on John (al telech imi b-)Kerry. Our "Emuna News" department here at the Beams, more than eight and a half years ago in an op-ed entitled The Rise of Mister V - four months before the 2008 election - said that Obama would win the election and that he'd be the pits for Israel. Way back then, we said categorically that he'd cave into Iran and why.

And, as far as his unholy and impure Kerry in the unholy and impure State Department goes, we never turned our back on him either. Over three years ago in an article entitled Kerry for Kerry, we wrote that Kerry (the word in Hebrew for sinister is kerry - it also means rebellious or spiritually impure) would become this generation's Neville Chamberlain.

Here are a few Emuna-News spiritual facts:

  1. Obama's meteoric rise to power began on July 27th, 2004; then, the freshman Senatorial candidate Barack Obama spoke to delegates during the Democratic National Convention in Boston.  Some call it "The Speech", a 17 minute star-making turn.  Obama walked on stage an unknown, and walked off as a star. Four months after the convention, Obama won the U.S. Senate seat in a landslide. Now hear this: July 27th, 2004 was the 9th day of the Hebrew month of Av, "Tisha B'Av." This is a perpetual day of calamity for the Jewish people when among other disasters, both Holy Temples in Jerusalem were destroyed.
  2. The USA, represented by Kerry, initially signed the appeasement agreement with Iran on July 5, 2015 - that day was the 17th of Tammuz, the beginning of the notorious Three-Weeks period that culminates in Tisha B'Av.

What do we learn from this? Obama and Kerry, like all the other tyrants, will soon be forgotten. But, as much as we wish success to President-elect Trump, we cannot afford to put any trust in flesh-and-blood. Both Jews and non-Jews must trust in G-d alone. Hashem is waiting patiently for us to make teshuva and strengthen ourselves in emuna, but the sand is quickly running out of the hourglass. Our activism right now should be spiritual only; our fight is against the darkness of evil by spreading emuna far and wide.

Don't worry - lies are short-lived. Soon, very soon, the world will know the truth. We pray for and yearn for that day.


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Wow! I am moved to tears. Wow! Barukh HaShem!!


"Our activism right now should be spiritual only" NOT TRUE! Our activism must ALSO be physical! If thousands of Jews were to pick up and move to a community in Judea or Samaria, the threat of a PLO/Hamas/ISIS terrorist state being established in the heart of our homeland WOULD NOT EXIST! Spiritual activism is great, but Hashem wants to see a little miserut nefesh for our beloved homeland! just sayin'

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