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Friday, 30 December 2016


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I'd love the recipe, been thinking about hot apple cider for a while now.


EN, here it is- super easy!
one bottle of apple cider (I bought an alcoholic one because that was all I could find. In any case, the alcohol burns off in the first minute.)
dried apple cubes (if you can find some that are flavored with cinnamon already, that's even better)
a few slices of fresh apple (I used gala apples. don't use red because they will fall apart when they cook, and green is too tart)
a good splash of cinnamon
a few pieces of orange peel (I used two peelings from an orange)
a cinnamon stick for garnish
A shot of Jack Daniels (If you can find the honey brand, that's my favorite. Any bourbon will work just fine.;))

Throw everything together, and figure a bottle a person. Boil for about five minutes and pour it in a mug with a cinnamon stick inside.
Add the Jack Daniels after you pour the cider in the cup. Enjoy!

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