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Leah's Song

Winter Waves

It's not easy leaving my beautiful holy homeland, even for a few days; this trip is no exception. On a Friday before a trip, I try to visit our exquisite beach here in Ashdod; this time, I took my all-weather Olympus TG 850 camera with me. Here are a few of the images I took while riding the waves:

  1. Lifeguard on paddle-board: 1 Lifeguard
  2. Wave right before it smacks me in the face: In My Face
  3. Anyone lose a foot? Lost Foot
  4. Big blue Big blue
  5. Ashdod's beautiful Charedi beach Charedi Beach Ashdod


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Esther Rachel

Rebbe thats so awesome, your in good shape!
someone had taken photos Ashdod beach, with their family. The photos just drew me in.
B"H, someday i will go to that beach.

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