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Tuesday, 10 January 2017


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RIVKY Solomons

Hey racheli.
I enjoy your posts and the humor that one's with it. Thanks
I have a question on the information you wrote about today. You mentioned that you should fast/not eat till noon ish. I've been doing that for years, since I was always in a rush to school or work, then it became a habit. Just recently I found out that not eating breakfast is like throwing a stone into water. So I started eating pas shachris. Also many people told me that if I don't eat breakfast it won't help me loose weight.(I haven't seen any changes from when I x eat breakfast to now when I do eat breakfast). Am I doing good somthing wrong that I'm not loosing weight? Should I fast till noon?
Thank you

angela langendorf

...can't wait to try this!!!
Thank you...


B"H (:

Coconut oil is a great fat to get energy from! Other good fats to consume include avocados, pasture raised meats, poultry, and organ meats, wild caught fish and their eggs, tallow, and more! What excellent and efficient sources of energy.

I forgot to mention earlier that if you were interested, I'd totally buy you a copy of either Nutrition and physical degeneration, or, a more recent, easier to read book called Nourishing Traditions. These discuss at great length the topic you're currently researching!

Anyway, my email is there so let me know! I am a breslev Israel member and can send the book to the address I have for y'all and I'm sure someone can get it to you if you're not interested in handing out your own address, which I totally understand!

Have a great day Racheli(:


Hi Rivky! So here's the thing that most people don't know: if you lower your calorie intake too much, you will LOWER your metabolism. Your body is so amazing; it sees that it's not getting enough fuel, so in response, it knows to lower its expenditure of energy so it doesn't burn out. Isn't that amazing? Now in the post, I suggested that people hold off on eating until noon, but if they can't, the important thing is to eat something with a healthy fat that will give them energy and not make their blood sugar spike. I still agree with not eating at all until you really feel hungry, and most of us are not hungry immediately upon waking. Remember, it takes about 12 hours for your body to start burning up its fat stores, so if you eat all the time, you won't burn off the extra fat.
Here are two things you can do to lose weight: add healthy fats to your diet, and try not to eat after about 8pm. Not easy, I know! This, of course, is assuming you're staying away from sugars and starchy foods for the most part. I hope this helps, and please keep in touch!


I'm thrilled for you, Angela! Let me know how you're doing!


Wow, Molly, thank you so much for your input and your offer! My husband will be in the states next month, so I'll try to get an address for you to send it there. But just in case I forget, can you please email me your email? Thanks again!!

Leslie Goch

Love love love this post! Oh, if only more people could do/know this. My husband is in remission from Crohn's (and so are many others) using the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I am on the Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living program. It's very similar to what you are recommending. They do hope you don't go back to your usual way of eating after the 30 days because so many people relate how good they feel, healing allergies, skin problems, more energy, clarity, etc etc. I also recall people not needing their diabetes and blood pressure medication after reaching their goal on Weight Watcher's.


Thanks for the article. Does this also apply to gestational diabetes as well?



Hi is it possible to suggest lunch n dinner suggestions. Tx:)!


My husband and I watched "Forks Over Knives" and immediately decided to make the change to our diets. Before this, we had tried nearly every type of diet available in order to lose weight and lower his cholesterol. We counted calories. We counted fat/carb/protein ratios. We cut out carbs completely. We tried being "primal". Weight was lost for each one but only temporarily, and the cravings for sugar never went away. But more importantly, NONE of them improved his high cholesterol levels, and actually they made it worse! Being a US Veteran, he receives annual blood draws, plus a secondary blood sample taken by his workplace for insurance purposes, so we had a record of just what these diets were doing to his system. We tried the whole foods, plant based diet recommended by Dr. Campbell in The China Study and his documentary for one month. Within that month, we saw improvements in weight, skin tone/acne, fewer mood swings, clarity of thought, and higher energy. But the biggest change was his cholesterol! He was about to be put on blood pressure and cholesterol medicines for being in the "high risk" zone for a heart attack. After just one month of Dr. Campbell's diet, his blood pressure had returned to normal and his cholesterol levels dropped so much that he was back to a normal range! Not just barely into the "safe zone" but all the way to normal! And this is without any exercise routine, because we wanted to determine that the benefits were strictly diet. Now we are raising our children with a plant based mind-set and they are also having the benefits of fewer tantrums and happier moods. We eat ALOT: no carb counting, no watching the clock, no restricting certain food types (aka starches vs greens). The only restrictions: no processed food and no animal products. If it is a plant food, we eat when we are hungry. I told my husband "There is a reason why man was created in a Garden."


Thanks so much for your feedback, Leslie! I am happy to know that you and your husband are eating healthy and doing your best to take care of your bodies! I am especially happy to know that your husband is in remission from Crohn's using healthy eating alone. That's amazing! Keep it up and keep in touch with us!


Maddie, that's an excellent question. I haven't done any research on it, but I here are my initial thoughts. I would NOT, under any circumstances, advise a pregnant woman to fast. It is very dangerous for the baby. However, I would still absolutely advise her to follow the same general diet, which is mostly whole vegetables and fruits, beans, nuts, whole grain rice, wild rice, and complex carbs, preferably without yeast. As anemia is a serious potential issue in pregnancy, she can certainly have fish, chicken, and lean meat if she desires. I do not know what Dr. Campbell would recommend, since I have not read of any study done on pregnant women, however. This is just my feeling based on my experience. The most important thing is to absolutely stay away from sugary foods and empty calories. For any pregnant woman, such foods will spike her blood sugar and may make her feel sick to her stomach.


Ruth, I was hoping that YOU would give ME some suggestions! lol From time to time, I will do my best to post what I've been eating. In the meantime, you can look at keto and paleo websites, as well as vegan websites. There are plenty of awesome and easy recipes out there. I would only caution you to not go crazy on the meat. I've seen pictures of 18 oz. steaks dripping in Bernaise sauce; and I don't agree with those kinds of meals. If you do find something interesting, please share it with the rest of us!


Heather, WOW! I am so proud of you and your family!! Dr. Campbell's diet just makes sense, even if others don't agree on the meat issue. To be honest, there are very compelling arguments from both sides. I guess it's up to each person to know his body and know what foods help promote his health best. The most important thing is to eat lots of fruits and veggies and stay away from the processed garbage. Please keep in touch with us!

Chaya-Dova Neril

Hi Rachelli! I've been doing a lot of research and came across the book The China Study. It's really incredible. Also there are amazing Dr.s in the U.S that heal people through food first. (Dr. McDougall, Dr. Esselstyn, Dr. Campbell and many more) I decided to change my lifestyle 4 months ago to a starch based whole foods no oil lifestyle and it has been an incredible experience. Very spiritual experience in my humble opinion. I feel so connected to H' and the foods He created for us. I am in awe more and more each day as I prepare whole foods for myself and family. It's very calming. My husband, my 2 children and I live in the Holy city of Tzfat and I have been trying to find out a way to help get Am Yisrael on board. Maybe you would want to give a shiur on health and closeness to H' here?
Anyway great post!
Chaya-Dova Neril


What about dieting (as in eating) al pi DNA analysis? Also, what is your take on the Paleo dietary choices?


Hi Racheli, What you are describing is the Ketogenic diet. You can do this diet without fasting. Basically 70% of what you eat should be fats like butter, coconut oil, olive oil or avocado among others. 25% should be protein and 5% carbs. Thank you for a great post.


If you don't mind, please make it extra clear that your're talking about Diabetes type II. Not type I. Type I is unfortunately not curable. Type II can usually be managed by diet and exercise.

BTW: Control of DtII through diet and exercise has been advocated by mainstream modern medicine for a long time. This isn't such a secret :-)
Link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1325029/.


Chaya-Dova, if I'm coming to Tzfat, I'm gonna be vacationing at your house! lol Thank you so much for your input! I do want to read more on Dr. Esselstyn. Did you read my article on the China Study? Check out The Protein-Cancer Connection on breslev.co.il.

Tena Valenti

This is an excellent article. Thank you so much for posting it. If we continue spreading good health encouragement then more people will get well. I especially like your advice on not eating after dinner. This is something I have been thinking about lately, so when I read this I took it as confirmation that HaShem was dealing with me about it. ;-) May He continue using you folks to spread love, peace, joy and emunah.

P.S. We eat a whole food diet and I make easy, healthy meals. Maybe I could share a few with you and if you want to you can share with your readers. I can email you my meal from last night if you give me your address.


Hi Hanna! I was doing the ketogenic diet for a while, but this one is different because I'm saying that we should cut down on the amount of animal protein. Keto is higher in animal protein. I think it's a great diet, except I feel it's very easy to go overboard and turn it into an Atkins type diet, which in my opinion, is not healthy. Therefore, I feel it's better to put most of the focus on fruits and vegetables and whole grains, rather than to focus on getting more fat in the diet, because someone can get misled by that focus and end up eating too much animal protein.
Fasting is not a necessity, but it's an excellent way to supercharge ketosis and weight loss, which is critical for a Diabetes sufferer.


Thank you, Shimon! Yes, I am specifically referring to Type 2 diabetes. However, Dr. Campbell, in his book The China Study, mentions Type 1 and how it is thought to originate. I don't remember details, but I do remember him saying that it is curable with nutrition. I'll have to look at it again. Furthermore, I know that mainstream medicine says you can cure diabetes with nutrition, but you'd be hard-pressed to find a doctor that can sit down with you and give you a proper nutritional plan of action. Doctors barely get any nutrition education in medical school, and very few take it upon themselves to learn it on their own. I have hope, though, that there will be a growing number of doctors who will be open to integrating their traditional approaches with more natural, wholistic approaches such as eating properly.


That is so cool, Tena! Yes, the not eating after dinner is so important. If we only did that for weight loss purposes, we'd lose weight in no time! After all, the food just rots in your stomach all night if you eat close to bedtime. Yuck. I also notice that when I allow at least 3 hours between eating dinner and sleeping, I wake up feeling much lighter in the morning. And please, share with me anything you make! I'm also happy to post pictures if you have any! Write me at racheli@breslev.co.il.

Teresa Draper

Racheli, would you please send me more info on diabetes, please.

Chaya-Dova Neril

Hi Rachelli
I just read your article on breslov web on the China study. Very good. Dr Campbell also discusses a study he has done on a dairy protein called casein and how it causes tumor cells to grow. I think you might find Dr McDougall's website very interesting. He also has a lot of free webinars and all his research free online. He is a close associate of Dr. Campbell and Dr. Esselstyn. Drmcdougall.com.
Your always welcome to Tzfat! Also I really do think that the charedi community and also every one else here would greatly love, appreciate , and benefit from a shiur on health, nutrition, and Hashem.


Thanks, Chaya-Dova! I will check him out. They are all tremendous doctors in my opinion. I agree with you that the charedi community is sorely out of touch with the proper information, and one day G-d willing, we can reach them. I have already thought about it, but a big hurdle would be to get a haskama from the big rabbonim first. You can start by passing on this information to your friends, and G-d willing it will spread slowly but surely! Keep in touch!

David Bucker

I'd rather ask my dog for advice on health matters. I'm sure she is just as qualified as Rebetsn Reckles.


David Bucker, thank you for your sweet comment! It gave me a good laugh.


About a millennium ago as you know, Rambam/Maimonides, staked his medical reputation on 4 health principles. One of which was to "drink" your food, meaning chew really well to lessen the strain on your stomach processing it. I noticed this is much easier for me to do with plant based food. Chicken and fish can also be chewed up pretty well and easy. Meat, however, is really difficult.
I would like to suggest for those who don't want to eliminate meat but stay super healthy, do your best to chew your meat really well. I find it super difficult and almost unappetizing but it's made me realize what kind of a strain meat is putting on my digestive system.


Great advice, Pinney! You're into working out, right? What do you think of a meat shake? At least it's got protein, right? Just kidding! I do notice that since I've basically stopped eating red meat, I have a lot less digestive problems. Meat is just so heavy on my system, that I literally feel like I have rocks in my stomach. I'm also convinced that it causes canker sores for me, because eating meat puts tremendous stress on the liver, and in Chinese medicine, the liver is responsible for the canker sores. It makes sense, at least to me! Keep in touch!

bea baldridge

Please send the info on controlling diabetes.



Bea, if you can email me I'll send you what I have. racheli@breslev.co.il
Thanks so much!

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