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Can I Stop Eating Already?

Eighth-Day Chanuka Fun

The bright light of all eight Chanuka candles chases away the darkness; our happiness chases away darkness too.

One of the reasons we speak so much about physical health and nutrition here at the Beams is because a healthy body is conducive to a happy soul and bubbly emotions. For example, the overweight people stuffing their faces at the buffet of the wedding aren't the ones who are enjoying themselves. Neither are the drinkers and the smokers. Substance use and uncontrolled eating are signs of depression and other big-league hangups. The ones dancing the most are having the best time. If you've never done any serious Chassidic dancing, then don't try unless you're in good shape.

For those who think that Chassidic Jews are wimps, check this out. Happy Chanuka and happy 2017.

Happy Chanuka! Anyone for dancing?


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Puah yiska

Bli ayin hara! Wow! Very b'simcha, true yiddishe simcha! Thnku! Happy Chanukah everyone!

Great fun. Well done to the two performers.

Happy Hannukah !


They certainly follow the rambams pask of excercise regularly ! The yichudim of the kabbalists is strengthened by the excercise of the youth rav avraham kooke orot

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