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Monday, 30 January 2017


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Elena Kuchik

here is my thought about cracking an egg ;)
Here is the proof that EVERYTHING is created by Hashem - and EVERYTHING has meaning.
There is a famous Russian folk tale about a hen named Ryaba (kurochka Ryaba). here it is:
There lived an old couple - grandpa and grandmom. And they had a chicken named Ryaba. One day Ryaba layed an egg - not simple one but a gold one. Grandpa tried to break and open it; but he didn't succeed; grandmom tried to break and open it - but she didn't succeed. Then, a mouse was running; it waved its tale - the egg fall and broke. Grandpa is crying; grandmom is crying. But the Chicken is telling them :"Don't cry, grandpa, don't cry, grandmom - I will lay for you another egg - not a gold one , but a simple one"
This is the WHOLE story - i didn't write it shortly - there is just no more words in it.
When we moved from Ukraine to USA and took English classes - they asked us to write our native folk tale. I translated it word to word. But the teacher left 2 comments: 1. why did they try to beat the egg if it was golden. 2. Please tell me more details about the mouse.
i never thought about this! You have to be American to ask such question! Russians don't ask so many questions :) And even if egg was made from gold they thought its normal that they still wanted to crack it and eat the inside!
I told this funny story last night to my 13 year old daughter. And she said - "Mama, its a moshal (parable). The chicken is Hashem and golden egg is MITZVOT.
And with Hashem's help I thought the rest of the moshal.
Hashem gives us golden egg - the mitzvot - so we do them in simplicity. But we want to be sophisticated, and don't want to do them until we understand WHY?? - we are trying to crack the egg. lack of simple faith - EMUNAH - is the reason that we are still sitting and "cracking the egg"
But then Mashiach will come (so suddenly and unexpectedly - that there are no more details to tell about it) and crack the egg - show us how everything makes sense!
And we, who didn't believe it would start crying. And then Hashem will tell us "Please, don't cry, I am giving you the "simple egg" now - mitzvot that you understand and do in simplicity and you still could do them ; and connect through doing them to me, and be with me.
But we could also start doing the mitzvot with simplicity NOW, even if we don't understand them yet - to hasten the Final Redemption.
Doesn't it make sense?

Lazer Brody

Елена, нам нравится ваша обратная связь. Благословения и успех, LB

Elena Kuchik

the funnies thing is that right after i made up this dvar Torah and then checked out LazerBeams - I saw the picture of cracked eggs!!!!
Does it mean that Hashem approved it :)?

Lazer Brody

Definitely, Elena!


Seriously, Elena?? You had that whole incredible insight so shortly before you looked at my post?? I'm beyond amazed! If you had given me a million years to figure out your mashal, I don't think I could do it. I am tempted to say that they cracked the egg because they thought that there might be diamonds inside, and then when they saw that there were no diamonds, they cried! ;) Kol Hakavod!!

Elena Kuchik

haha..there probably WAS a diamond inside - and it got lost when opened...Because we only get diamond if we keep the golden egg till Mashiach and don't try to break it prematurely ;) Then at the end when Mashiach comes (Please Hashem, soon!!) - we will keep the diamond
I was thinking it may apply as an example to people who think to make or not make aliyah to Israel. They should just do it!!! - and do not try to crack 'how will it work out.
It is so amazing to live in Eretz isroel, when you could do mitzva just by living here - because its a mitzva by itself to live here - even why you are sleeping you are doing it :)


I just read 'Warning from Above'. I'm stunned speechless.

"...A Jew could have left Germany or Poland then. But, the majority refused to heed Rebbe Nachman's advice and to look for the Divine Wisdom within every event...."

Did you just blame Holocaust on the victims?!



STAT is a shortened form of the Latin word statim, which means immediately. It is not an acronym.


Thanks, Eric! Now can you also tell me why I've only seen it written in ALL CAPS? lol


Yakkov, I think you just took what he wrote a bit out of context. Rabbi Avigdor Miller, in his book, "A Divine Madness: Rabbi Avigdor Miller's Defense of Hashem in the Matter of the Holocaust," shows how the Enlightenment was the cause of the Holocaust. It was during the Enlightenment that many, many Jews went from living as Hashem wanted them to, to rejecting Torah and everything Jewish, and intermarrying, and going to secular schools, etc., You should read this book.

Elena Kuchik

Racheli, sorry, I really DO NOT recommend this book! This book gives idea that Hashem got angry at all the Jews and that is why Holocaust happened. In addition, there is very strange facts about this book - Rabbi Miller didn't publish it and kept in manuscript(specifically saying that he didn't want to publish it) - but his sons did/
Rabbi Shimshon Pincus writes that Moshe was punished by not being able to go to Eretz Isroel because e for a moment became angry with Jews (really angry, like losing his temper). And everything that Moshe did reflected for people what Hashem thinks of them. And because of tha - that people thought that Hashem is angry with them - Moshe was punished :(
The main idea , and it implies from Rabbi Brody dvar Torah - but not from DIvine Madness (just contemplate on the name!!!) - is that Hashem is not angry with us - he is trying to heal us, and sometimes its urts. And sometimes Hashem destroys the body to heal neshama. Like in a moshal when father told his young son not to go outside barefeet so not to get thorns. But the son did it anyways. He got big thorn stuck in his feet - and father tied him us and start pulling out the thorn. The silly boy start screaming :father, I know I didn't listen to you, but don't be angry with me and don't punish me so harshly.!".....
Rabbi Shimshon Pincus also tells amazing story that happened during Holocaust...There was a rabbi in a concentration camp who refused to eat treif and was surviving on potato skins. When nazis (boo, haman!) found out about this, they got really mad and decided to publicly forcing him to eat pork or to execute him if he wont. They called all people in the camp to watch. They send to bring the rabbi, but inconfusion "accidently" brought different person. That person was the abovementioned "enlightened" Jew who didn't care about kosher for long time. They gave him piece of pork and told him to publickly eat it. But...he refused! He said he would rather be killed! He dies sanctifying Hashem's name. And Rabbi Shimshon Pincus says that for people like this Hashem made Holocaust - TO BRING THEM BACK! - and not to punish them.
The 'divine madness book" shows different message (i did read it ) - it instills hatred toward non religious jews instead of desire to bring them back and do what Hashem really wants

Elena Kuchik

sorry for typos..its 12.20 at night..:)


(Hi Racheli. I don't see why you think my quote was taken out of context. What context did I leave out that would change my question?)

I actually read 'A Divine Madness' and like Elana Kuchik already pointed out in a previous comment, it wasn't published by Rav Avigdor Miller Z"L. He explicitly didn't want to publish this in his lifetime for fear of hurting Holocaust survivors that were still alive. I'm not sure why his son went ahead a published this.

More importantly, this book doesn't show or prove anything new. He puts forward the same exact theory that Rav Brody described: Jews were punished because they were assimilating and abandoning Hashem. The Torah spells out what will happen if we don't follow the Torah, and that's exactly what happened.

There are several problems with this theory, the main problem is that, if that's the case, what about the countless Tzaddkim, Beni Torah and other Jews that remained true to Torah and didn't assimilate. Why were they wiped out?

Are we saying that a Shtetel full of G-d fearing Jews in Poland was wiped out because some Jews in Berlin started going to secular schools? I'm sure you see the problem here.

Elena Kuchik

i wouldn't say that Rabbi Brody message is the same as R Miller.
Rabbi Brody says that Hashem was trying to bring us back. And R Miller says that Hashem's anger got out of control ( chas va sholom) because of what Jewish people did (and that is why random people were killed!!!!). In addition to that R Miller book was very negative about Israel

Jewish people were getting farther away from Hashem, there was almost no kiruv movement (which also showed that people who were religious didn't understand THEIR task to bring the rest of the people back to Hashem. And after all, we are all united like different parts of the same body.
We are not going to understand kindness of Hashem now, but we know that everything Hashem does is good. We can partially see it already by what happened after the Holocaust - State of Israel, huge kiruv movement..and EMunah Outreach! And one day we will see the whole picture.
And for sure all the tzaddikim who died during Holocaust and all not-so -tzaddikim during their lifetime who died al kiddish Hashem - will come back to live Eternal life - with speedy arrival of Mashiach Tzidkeynu


Yakov, now I understand your question better. I have learned that there are times when the Angel of Death is given free reign, so to speak, to cause destruction. It even happens a few times a year, as I once read in the Zohar. Freaky stuff! Please don't ask me where, because it was years ago and I have no idea! Unfortunately, as in the Holocaust, many innocent G-d fearing people got caught in the line of fire. There was no birur, basically. As to why this was, again, I have no idea. I heard that the geula won't happen like this. There is a birur going on, and whoever is G-d fearing, etc., will be on the side that won't be harmed. I hope this helps.


Yakov, the answer is in the book itself. Rav Miller quotes the Gemara (Kiddushin 40b): "The world is judged according to the majority." He continues by saying the minority of the righteous undergo the tribulations sent because of the sinful majority.

Elena Kuchik

it would be sad if tzaddikim died by accident...

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