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Friday, 20 January 2017


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You've got my vote!

Alberto Sevilla

Vaccines prevent diseases. Dangerous statement. Sorry.
Dr.Sevilla 30 years pediatrician.


Thanks, D! Send me your bank account info so I can slip you a kickback.

Aimee Cohen

Woo-hoo!!!! Rabbanit Racheli for President! In Canada too! But I'm sure if you were president we would all be able to join you in E"Y in any case. Mashiach Now! :)


Baruch Hashem Racheli's isn't president elect! If she were, us Jews here would become even more entrenched in the U.S. utopia her policies would create. Then we'd never make it to Israel.

Baruch Hashem, He makes things worse and worse here in the U.S. and abroad to help all of klal yisrael make the tough choice to make Aliyah.

May we all end up in Israel soon, Amen!

Helen Humphreys

You have my vote as well.


Okay, Pinney, you have a point! lol


Helen, you are obviously a very intelligent woman with impeccable taste. ;)


Aimee, why don't we just make me President of the whole world? lol Oops, I forgot that the NWO has already taken that position... but not for much longer! G-d willing we'll all be together in Israel to greet Mashiach VERY soon! Thanks for your vote!

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