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Wednesday, 25 January 2017


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Dear Rabbi,
I understand the need to see always the good in each and every thing. I understand that the speech of a politician might be inspiring and might show his beliefs, however it should be consistent with his actions. I wish with all my heart that this new US Government look for the benefit and peace for Israel, but without forget other countries, like Mexico. One day seems to have a good will and the next day shows despice. Soon, Rab. Arush will be there, and he will find a hurt nation worried because of the uncertainty brought by this new government. There are many relationships with friends, syblings, children, jobs, all of them jeopardized by these new politician. I know, everything is for the best and this is Hashem's will. I know Hashem is the one Who rules the heart of governors, but it is hard to keep Emuna with this storm of mediatic information showing the fear, the indignation and uncertainty. I remember seeing the walls in Jerusalem dividing the east from the west, you have the right to protect your people, but who paid for it? There is no comparison with the permanent threat that some radical arabs represent against Israel and the immigration from Mexico to USA, we know it is a bussiness as well as many other interests from both sides of the border. May Hashem help us correct the Emuna in Mexico throughout these situation.


I cannot remain silent. I hope you allow this comment to be published, thanking you in advance for doing so. President Trump, exemplifying what a world leader should be? The current megalomaniac President of the United States is steeped in Taivas-Niuf & Taivas Mamon. He thrives on incitement and division. It hurts, in the extreme, to see the wicked praised in this way, to see rabbis fooled by a few G-d fearing references in a speech. It further hurts to read a subsequent post on this blog invoking Donald Trump in the same title as the holy Aleinu Prayer. You call his predecessor narcissistic, making sure interestingly to include his middle name Hussen... as if this president is not a narcissist? This president is a malignant narcissist with a greater ego than we have ever seen. There is no room for Hashem to coexist with such arrogance, as per the Gemara in Sotah 5. Please get out of spreading politics & praising the wicked and please return to spreading Emunah & praising the Tzaddikim.

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