Aleinu and Donald Trump
The Garden of Wisdom #13: Be Careful About What You Say

Looking Up at the Same Night Sky

Night Sky
By now, you know that we here at the Beams are not politically correct. We advocate emuna correctness. What does that mean? It's my life's mission: spreading the knowledge of and belief in the One true God to all of humanity, with no regard to race, color or nationality. We pray for this three times a day, every day, all year long in the Aleinu prayer that concludes the daily services, when we yearn for the day when, "All of living flesh shall call Your Name." Rabbi Shalom Arush's and my greatest joy in life is when another human being calls out to God.

In light of the above, I congratulate US President Donald Trump for his courageous, cogent and candid inauguration speech. Surely, this will go down in history as a turning point for the USA and for the whole world as well. Mr. Trump, in a great act of faith, crowned the Almighty instead of crowning himself like his narcissistic predecessor used to do so often. He invoked the Name of God four times. In his fifth reference to our Heavenly Father, Mr. Trump said "Almighty Creator." By doing so, he created a vessel of abundance for himself and his family, his administration and all of America. We applaud you, Mr. President!

Here are President Trump's references to God from his speech (in the order he said them):

Reference #1: The Bible tells us how good and pleasant it is when God's people live together in unity...

Reference #2: And most importantly, we will be protected by God...

Reference #3: And whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the wind-swept plains of Nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they will their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same Almighty Creator...

References #4 and #5: God bless you. And God bless America!

Why is the left panicking?

Had the leftists in America won the election, you wouldn't see a single right-winger demonstrating on the streets. Yet, there is no connection between the left and democracy, whether in America or in Israel. Leftists are in the streets because they can't stand when they don't get their own way. How do we know that they are far away from Hashem? Just listen to their constant whining, complaining and distortion of the truth. People close to Hashem neither whine and complain nor distort the truth. See how the leftist mobsters rob the public to further their own hateful agenda and to pad their own pockets. Just moments before he left office, Barack Hussein Obama ripped off $221 million from US citizens - overriding a congressional holding order - and gave it to the Palestinian Authority! $221 million dollars of American money is now on its way to the Fatah terrorists. Would America want this? Did America vote for this? No way!

On a spiritual plane, the leftists do fulfill a task: they are the opposition force to the crowning of Hashem on earth, the Geula (full redemption of our people) and the coming of Moshiach. In the days of Moses, the left was spearheaded by Dothan and Aviram. In this generation, it's the corrupt, greedy global left with such financial and political leaders as Soros and Clinton. Their downfall, in Hashem's infinite mercy, has opened the door once more to the true freedom of speech, where my esteemed and honorable friend Chief Justice Roy Moore of Alabama would no longer be suspended for fighting against abomination in public and for putting the Ten Commandments on his state courthouse. Schoolchildren will once more be allowed to say The Pledge of Allegiance and pray for "One nation under God." The left is panicking because hopefully, emuna will now be spread far and wide.

Hopefully, soon, all of living flesh will call Hashem's Name.

Hopefully, soon, all the children of the world will be looking up at the same sky and calling out in praise and thanksgiving to the One Almighty Creator.

Hopefully, soon, every human on earth will realize his or her inalienable right to establish their own personal relationship with the Creator and to speak to Him whenever they choose.

Thank you, Mr. Trump, for exemplifying what a world leader should be. May Hashem give you the strength and fortitude to continue in this path. With utmost respect and heartfelt blessings,

Rabbi Lazer Brody, Ashdod, Israel


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Dear Rabbi,
I understand the need to see always the good in each and every thing. I understand that the speech of a politician might be inspiring and might show his beliefs, however it should be consistent with his actions. I wish with all my heart that this new US Government look for the benefit and peace for Israel, but without forget other countries, like Mexico. One day seems to have a good will and the next day shows despice. Soon, Rab. Arush will be there, and he will find a hurt nation worried because of the uncertainty brought by this new government. There are many relationships with friends, syblings, children, jobs, all of them jeopardized by these new politician. I know, everything is for the best and this is Hashem's will. I know Hashem is the one Who rules the heart of governors, but it is hard to keep Emuna with this storm of mediatic information showing the fear, the indignation and uncertainty. I remember seeing the walls in Jerusalem dividing the east from the west, you have the right to protect your people, but who paid for it? There is no comparison with the permanent threat that some radical arabs represent against Israel and the immigration from Mexico to USA, we know it is a bussiness as well as many other interests from both sides of the border. May Hashem help us correct the Emuna in Mexico throughout these situation.


I cannot remain silent. I hope you allow this comment to be published, thanking you in advance for doing so. President Trump, exemplifying what a world leader should be? The current megalomaniac President of the United States is steeped in Taivas-Niuf & Taivas Mamon. He thrives on incitement and division. It hurts, in the extreme, to see the wicked praised in this way, to see rabbis fooled by a few G-d fearing references in a speech. It further hurts to read a subsequent post on this blog invoking Donald Trump in the same title as the holy Aleinu Prayer. You call his predecessor narcissistic, making sure interestingly to include his middle name Hussen... as if this president is not a narcissist? This president is a malignant narcissist with a greater ego than we have ever seen. There is no room for Hashem to coexist with such arrogance, as per the Gemara in Sotah 5. Please get out of spreading politics & praising the wicked and please return to spreading Emunah & praising the Tzaddikim.

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