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The Shmirat Eynayim Torah Scroll

Shmiras Eynayim Sefer Torah
I love this: some special people in Far Rockaway are getting together to write a special Torah scroll. You can offer them the whole sum, which at today's prices could be anywhere between $35,000 to $70,000 for an Ashkenzi Torah scroll, depending on the scribe's reputation and quality of his writing, but they won't take it. They only accept donations of $1 a time, which you can donate every time you successfully weathered a challenge in guarding your eyes (shmirat eynayim). So, if you were tempted twenty times today and succeeded in guarding your eyes, the Far Rockaway group will happily accept your donation of $20. That will be some magnificent Sefer Torah!

Tip of the kippa to Rabbi Chaim Feld of Cleveland for sharing this with us


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