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The Tenth of Teveth and Beyond

This coming Sunday is a fast day, the Tenth of Teveth.

The Tenth of Teveth is a day of mourning, repentance and fasting, where we refrain from eating and drinking from daybreak to nightfall. What is its significance for posterity? Why do we go from a high of Chanuka to a low of the Tenth of Teveth? Today's shiur from the Chut Shel Chesed English-language Kollel in Jerusalem will give us a lot more insight and help us have a meaningful fast. It will also show the Torah's view of political correctness; we hope you find it enlightening: 


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Hello Rabbi Brody!

I am interested in learning Gemara. Do you think maybe you can have a weekly class for women in Gemara and post it on your blog?

Thanks so much!!!

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