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Thursday, 02 February 2017


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Esther Rachel

I agree, however the more i read, i realized that Hashem is giving the community an awesome opportunity.
The mitzvah of helping your fellow Jew,
your brothers +sisters.

So did you run to bring food, blankets,
a room ......


Esther Rachel, you have a great point. I am certain that their surrounding towns will pitch in and help them with whatever they need. But there is a rule in Judaism that we do not do a mitzvah if it comes at our own personal expense or our family's expense. So if that means taking four hours out of my day to bring them food and blankets instead of taking care of my kids in the evening, I have not gained a mitzvah because I have neglected my top priority. Many people get caught in this trap. It's the yetzer 100%. They need to focus on helping their families and making sure their needs are taken care of before they can consider taking on more responsibility. Instead, I chose to raise awareness of the situation and to let the world know that these things still happen, and it's unacceptable. And, there is no reason why you, me, and every other person can't daven that these people are able to recover from this and make a home for themselves once again.

Esther Rachel

Yes, I get it, am firm believer in delegating. I saw all those photos, etc.
It reminded me of hurricane Katrina,
yelling at the tv. That was3 days before anyone could get through.
Is there a FUND set up, where people can donate or give resources?
Any kind of organization, that is specific to this situation ?
Could you post?


Esther, I will try to find out. Great idea! Shabbat Shalom!


With all due respect, I think this article was written in a very insensitive way and should be removed.

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