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Sunday, 05 February 2017


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Elena Kuchik

haha..also the nimshal could be that right before Mashiach comes chutzpa is increasing..
Its a good sign!
Gamzu la tova!!!

Esther Rachel

its ears dont look right.


Elena, you're right - our generation is compared to the chutzpah of a dog... but maybe they should change that phrase to a cat instead!


Did you notice the 'mark' on its forehead? what do you think?

Elena Kuchik

:) to bad i can't attach a picture to my post....
we have a cat who just came to our backyard and said she is ours - and she looks exactly like the cat on your picture - except with kind face, but same color -exactly


Anon, yes I did! I commented that it looked like a royal cat. What a strange and gorgeous marking, no? I feel that there should be an emerald or a diamond on that middle circle marking. It really is a stunning cat.


That's wild, Elena! Maybe it's this cat's twin. Or maybe these cats are cloned cat soldiers from Planet X, sent here to take over the world by the evil GMO intergalactic New World Order.

Elena Kuchik

haha, no , our cat was born on our balcony one year ago in a box that we prepared to send a parcel to my sister in Denver...then our neighbors killed her mother .and the kitten decided to be with us :)..she is really very kind cat but very chutzpadic at the same time

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