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Chutzpah Cat

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That's a gorgeous cat, isn't it? I took this picture from the inside of my car. Aside from being quite the looker, this cat has another charismatic quality - it's got chutzpah. Nerve. Audacity. Gall. Brazenness. Extreme self-confidence. 

You see, I caught this cat sunbathing on the hood of my car as I returned from a store I was shopping at. I hissed at it as I walked toward my car door, assuming it would jump off and walk away. But, no. It just looked at me. I couldn't believe it. "Are you challenging me, kitty?" I asked it. It responded with an amused smirk and turned over to work on tanning its other side. I couldn't believe my eyes. "Get outta here, ya chutzpah cat!" I yelled at it. A few people turned to stare. 

Can you imagine? The cat didn't move! I actually opened the door and got into my car, and it still just sat there! Since this was such a gorgeous cat I figured I would take some pictures of it. As you can clearly see, it knew how gorgeous it was, because it was obviously posing for the paparazzi. I guess the ego went to its head, which is why it was so impudent. 

When I turned on the engine, it finally jumped - on to my roof! This cat had zero fear. 

Since everything is a message from Hashem, I thought I would try to figure out the message in this strange event. And sure enough, I came up with something. Of course, it might have nothing to do with the actual message Hashem was trying to send me, but it sounds nice, so I'm sticking with it. 

This cat reminded me of a phrase that I've heard Rav Brody use many times: When you fear One, you fear no one. 

When we really internalize the fact that Hashem is running the world, this gives us Holy Chutzpah to do the right thing, even when others are ridiculing us or directly opposing us. Doing the right thing doesn't make you popular, and we all know that. But if we can remember that Hashem's approval is the only one that counts, this will give us the courage and chutpzah to do what's right without feeling embarrassed or ashamed. 

So thanks, kitty! Hopefully your chutzpah will inspire people across the world. I think this is a royal cat. Doesn't that marking on its forehead look like a crown of sorts? Or is my imagination on overdrive as usual?

Have a wonderful week!



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Elena Kuchik

haha..also the nimshal could be that right before Mashiach comes chutzpa is increasing..
Its a good sign!
Gamzu la tova!!!

Esther Rachel

its ears dont look right.


Elena, you're right - our generation is compared to the chutzpah of a dog... but maybe they should change that phrase to a cat instead!


Did you notice the 'mark' on its forehead? what do you think?

Elena Kuchik

:) to bad i can't attach a picture to my post....
we have a cat who just came to our backyard and said she is ours - and she looks exactly like the cat on your picture - except with kind face, but same color -exactly


Anon, yes I did! I commented that it looked like a royal cat. What a strange and gorgeous marking, no? I feel that there should be an emerald or a diamond on that middle circle marking. It really is a stunning cat.


That's wild, Elena! Maybe it's this cat's twin. Or maybe these cats are cloned cat soldiers from Planet X, sent here to take over the world by the evil GMO intergalactic New World Order.

Elena Kuchik

haha, no , our cat was born on our balcony one year ago in a box that we prepared to send a parcel to my sister in Denver...then our neighbors killed her mother .and the kitten decided to be with us :)..she is really very kind cat but very chutzpadic at the same time

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