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Tuesday, 21 February 2017


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absolutely hysterical!!!! :D


Thanks so much, Sara! I'll be sure to let my husband know that you think I'm funny! ;)


LOL !! "Instead of getting all freaked out about it, I realized that it happened for a reason, and that reason must definitely be to atone for hubby's sins. Because y'all out there know that I ain't got no sins. I have a talent for blaming everything I ever did wrong on my husband; even the things that I did before I met him. You know, because I was forced to spend much of my late teens and early '20's waiting for his sorry self to mature enough for me."

Still LOL!! Thanks :-)


why on earth do you think it's 1000 shekels to fix??? it's something you can replace yourself with a lot less (100-150 shekels) i did it a few times myself.
btw - thanks for the post was funny.


Try it, Nava! You'll feel so much better after blaming your husband for everything! But maybe you already do?? lol


Chaya, I certainly hope you're right, but this glass is double-paned. I've replaced a smaller glass pane in this house and it was over 400 shek! I will do my best to remember you the next time one of my kids breaks some glass, and I'll ask you for a referral! lol In the meantime, I'm waiting for Glass Guy to show up at some point this week, hopefully before my in-laws get here!

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