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Tuesday, 14 February 2017


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Elena Kuchik

Amazing! Racheli, I wanted to ask you if there any way to mention in your posts Rabbi Brody coming to speak at Tzefat February 27, 7 PM at Ascent, HaAri 2? I advertise locally but i want to make sure people who live close by to Tzefat and who love Rabbi Brody see it. I have an amazing poster - and I could email to you
Thank you!


For sure, Elena! Do you have a flyer you can email me? racheli@breslev.co.il.

Elena Kuchik

THank you! Just did

Elena Kuchik

Racheli, did you get my email with the flyer?
Shabbat SHolom!

Lea Moore

Bentonite clay is great! My niece was ill for 3 weeks. She say the doctor and was told that she had an infection in her intestines. The meds were very expensive and she call to see what she could do. I mailed the clay with instructions. She was better in a few days! I use it in a face mask once a week mixed with ground lavender flowers and oatmeal.

I also keep colloidal silver at all times. If I wake with scratchy throat, I take a spoon full right away and again once more in the evening. By morning I am well. My husband used it for abscessed tooth as a mouth rinse and didn't need to see dentist. We use it on my nephew's son when soriosis breaks out. Also pore it on cuts and wounds. It works like a natural antibiotic. DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR EARS!!!! It can cause hearing loss. If you have ear ache, just take it orally.


That's wonderful, Lea! Yes, I used to take colloidal silver, until I ran out and kept forgetting to order more! I'll tell you what also works great to heal mouth sores- hydrogen peroxide! The kind you get at walgreen's. However, you can't swallow this, either! You spit it out and rinse with water afterward. It also reverses receding gums and makes your teeth whiter! If I feel a canker sore coming on, I rinse with it and it heals so much faster. Many times, if I catch it early enough, it doesn't even break out all the way!


Wow! Such great information! I must get some of that clay!
We use Arnica cream for sore muscles when we don't want to smell like a eucalyptus tree. When we don't mind smelling like one we use a product called Nature's Gel. Ingredients are: aloe leaf, castor oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, glucosamine, magnesium, and a few other natural ingredients. It works wonders on sore muscles after lifting weights and exercising.
Your vitamin-D info is spot on.
The Oregano Supreme sounds great. We take something different that does the exact same thing. We don't get sick because we take it when we feel something coming on. It's called Wellness Formula Herbal Defense Complex. It has 35 different vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
Thank you, Lea, for your Colloidal Silver info. We do have some, but don't take it often.
We take many other vitamins, minerals, etc., and like you, Racheli, only go the natural route. There are no prescriptions or OTC "poisons" in our home. HaShem gave us everything we need to stay healthy and well when He created the earth; its mind-blowing how much. We just have look for it and share what we find with each other just like you and your readers are doing here. Thanks again! Blessings!

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