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My Medicine Cabinet


Okay, so it's not really "medicine" and I don't keep it all in a cabinet. I wanted to share these little helping healers because I don't believe in suffering unnecessarily. Hashem gave us plenty of tools to help us not only alleviate our suffering, but to speed up the healing process. There's no reason we need to be martyrs. Unless, of course, you enjoy suffering because you're a masochist. 

Obviously I'm not referring to western medicines, which don't do much to speed up the healing process, unless that healing process includes breaking down the body's defenses... in the process. Think antibiotics.

I'm going to have to rant a bit, so bear with me. Yes, antibiotics are a wonderful discovery. They can absolutely be lifesaving. But where is the logic of putting an atom bomb in the body to kill off all of the good bacteria, which is plays such a primary role in eating up and fighting off the bad bacteria? So they all get killed together, and there are few survivors left.

Do you know what happens then? The body's landscape becomes like an abandoned Beverly Hills mansion. It's almost completely defenseless against illegal immigrant invaders and squatters that want to loot and claim it as their territory. As a result, the body becomes more susceptible to illness, and the vicious cycle continues. So why are antibiotics so over-prescribed these days? Why aren't doctors helping people strengthen their immune systems, so their bodies can fight off the infection or virus themselves? Why not give the body a chance to do one of the trillions of amazing functions that Hashem created it to do? 

Well, I know the reason, but I'm not telling you yet, just because I want you to really think about it. When you come up with a good reason, send me a comment and we'll talk about it further. 

The first thing we need to do is create a strong foundation that will support good health. I've been talking a lot about this lately, and the bottom line is: a healthy diet and exercise = a healthy body. A healthy diet means mostly vegetables and fruits, complex carbs, healthy fats like coconut oil and olive oil, and minimal animal protein and processed foods. 

Since we can't avoid ever getting sick again, it's a good idea to have a few important items in your home for when you need them. I'm going to give you a quick rundown, and I encourage you to find out more about each of these things on your own. 

1) Bentonite Clay- made from aged volcanic ash, this clay is a powerful detoxifier. Mine is a gray powder, and I mix about half a teaspoon in with a cup of water. When wet, the clay swells up like a porous sponge and becomes negatively charged. Most toxins and heavy metals have positively charged molecules. The clay sweeps through the digestive system and soaks up all of the garbage like a giant industrial-sized wet-vac. I use it when I feel nauseous, and it's perfect to help you get rid of food poisoning. You'll start to feel better within minutes! Here's a great list of how it works and other ways you can use it. Also, it's excellent at stopping diarrhea, but not necessarily from stomach viruses. That's our next little guy in line.

2) Kyolic Garlic Extract- This is an aged garlic extract that has undergone some kind of process that I don't understand which removes the irritating and strong-smelling nature of garlic. It also supercharges the garlic's healing properties. It is well-known to suppress an enzyme in the liver that creates cholesterol, therefore helping to lower LDL cholesterol. Aside from being an excellent supplement for cardiovascular health, it's also great for helping to cure gastroenteritis, or stomach viruses. You take a tablespoon in some water about three times a day. I've taken it, and I can tell you that the flavor is very mild. Definitely read up more on this one! 

3) Arnica - This is an absolute must for anyone with kids in the house, or anyone who's klutzy, or both. It's excellent for relieving bruising, especially if you put it on immediately after your kid bangs his knee into the table for the 30th time. I've read that it's also good for pain relief for muscles and joints, but since I haven't used it for that, I can't say for sure that it works. However, if you have used it for pain relief, please let the rest of us know!

4) Vitamin D3- This is arguably the most powerful immune-boosting vitamin. It's especially important in the winter, when we're not exposed to direct sunlight. Unless you live in Miami like I used to. In that case, you're exposed to direct sunlight 359 days of the year. For the rest of us that turn into ghosts from October through March, vitamin D3 is super crucial to have. It's not only good for your bones and your immune system. It's also been touted as one of the top anti-cancer vitamins. Two things: first, you need to take it with a fat, as Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Second, you can take lots more than the RDA, which is only 400 IU's. I've seen many say that it's just too low, and you can take even 10 times that amount without experiencing any toxicity. If you're afraid to do that, stick with at least 1,000 IU's a day. You can give it to your kids, especially the little ones that get their daily infestation fix from preschool.

5) Oregano Supreme- Over the years, I've tried every type of herbal and homeopathic formula to help me get over a cold faster. But nothing works as well for me as this brand. I take three pills, twice a day when I start to experience symptoms, and within two days, my symptoms are not only lessened, but mostly gone! However, I would suggest you continue to take them for another two days minimum after your symptoms disappear. Just last week I felt myself getting a potentially bad cold, and I took these little babies, and within hours, I started to feel better. When my symptoms started to get worse again, I took another round. 

6) Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey Whiskey- Okay, so it's not really a medicine per se, but why not put it on this list? Doesn't whiskey have some antibacterial properties or something? And for sure it has pain-relieving properties. So I'm leaving it on this list. Not to mention that the honey flavor tastes awesome! I put half a shot in my hot apple cider, and oh, boy, talk about goooood!  

If you have anything you'd like to add, please share it with the rest of us. Inquiring minds want to know! 

Have a wonderful, virus-free day!



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Elena Kuchik

Amazing! Racheli, I wanted to ask you if there any way to mention in your posts Rabbi Brody coming to speak at Tzefat February 27, 7 PM at Ascent, HaAri 2? I advertise locally but i want to make sure people who live close by to Tzefat and who love Rabbi Brody see it. I have an amazing poster - and I could email to you
Thank you!


For sure, Elena! Do you have a flyer you can email me?

Elena Kuchik

THank you! Just did

Elena Kuchik

Racheli, did you get my email with the flyer?
Shabbat SHolom!

Lea Moore

Bentonite clay is great! My niece was ill for 3 weeks. She say the doctor and was told that she had an infection in her intestines. The meds were very expensive and she call to see what she could do. I mailed the clay with instructions. She was better in a few days! I use it in a face mask once a week mixed with ground lavender flowers and oatmeal.

I also keep colloidal silver at all times. If I wake with scratchy throat, I take a spoon full right away and again once more in the evening. By morning I am well. My husband used it for abscessed tooth as a mouth rinse and didn't need to see dentist. We use it on my nephew's son when soriosis breaks out. Also pore it on cuts and wounds. It works like a natural antibiotic. DO NOT PUT IT IN YOUR EARS!!!! It can cause hearing loss. If you have ear ache, just take it orally.


That's wonderful, Lea! Yes, I used to take colloidal silver, until I ran out and kept forgetting to order more! I'll tell you what also works great to heal mouth sores- hydrogen peroxide! The kind you get at walgreen's. However, you can't swallow this, either! You spit it out and rinse with water afterward. It also reverses receding gums and makes your teeth whiter! If I feel a canker sore coming on, I rinse with it and it heals so much faster. Many times, if I catch it early enough, it doesn't even break out all the way!


Wow! Such great information! I must get some of that clay!
We use Arnica cream for sore muscles when we don't want to smell like a eucalyptus tree. When we don't mind smelling like one we use a product called Nature's Gel. Ingredients are: aloe leaf, castor oil, menthol, eucalyptus oil, glucosamine, magnesium, and a few other natural ingredients. It works wonders on sore muscles after lifting weights and exercising.
Your vitamin-D info is spot on.
The Oregano Supreme sounds great. We take something different that does the exact same thing. We don't get sick because we take it when we feel something coming on. It's called Wellness Formula Herbal Defense Complex. It has 35 different vitamins, minerals, and herbs.
Thank you, Lea, for your Colloidal Silver info. We do have some, but don't take it often.
We take many other vitamins, minerals, etc., and like you, Racheli, only go the natural route. There are no prescriptions or OTC "poisons" in our home. HaShem gave us everything we need to stay healthy and well when He created the earth; its mind-blowing how much. We just have look for it and share what we find with each other just like you and your readers are doing here. Thanks again! Blessings!

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