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Tuesday, 28 February 2017


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lea moore

My husband is a junk food junky. I got to the point that I wanted to lose weight but I just couldn't leave the goodies alone. So here is what I do. I make goodies that he likes and i don't. That way he gets his fix and I am not tempted. BTW yes you can want something even if it isn't in the house. Trust me. The question is, will you get out of the house to get some (chocolate in my case). I realized that I eat when I am not hungry. I would tell myself that I am not hungry a few different times until I would give in and say "I don't care, I WANT it!" I am getting over that with Hashems help and have to pray all the time to win the battle but I have lost 18 pounds and still working on it. It can be done!


That's awesome, Tena! Keep up the great work! See, my secret is that I'm so busy doing laundry and cleaning up after these kids, that I don't have time to think about food that's not directly in front of my face. ;)


Lol, Racheli, you meant Lea here in response to her post, yes? 馃槈
You are so right! Just don't bring it into the home! 馃槃

Lea, that is great you've lost 18 lbs.! Just keep doing what you're doing and it will keep coming off. I eat dates when I get a sweets craving. Also, the less you eat of chocolate, etc., the less you will crave. I crave salads and broccoli now because I eat them so much. There was a day I ate ice cream almost every night. Now I don't care about it at all! My husband too is a little less disciplined, so I buy him dried mangos (without sugar) and when we need a little bite of chocolate I keep Simply Lite chocolate bars in the fridge; they are sweetened with agave instead of sugar. On Shabbat nights I make a healthy dessert as a special treat. Oh, and if you can get Coconut Bliss ice "cream" (dairy and sugar free) my family loves that! Blessings!

Elena Kuchik

haha you should
read "Toad and Frog making cookies" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc1TMyGPsiY


...proving that "kosher" does not necessarily equal "healthy".


You're right, Tena. The less I eat something, the less I find I crave it. But I gotta tell you that I still have a feeling of deprivation when I see treats that I won't eat now, because I'm not used to not letting myself eat whatever I want. I've always had a super-fast metabolism growing up, so I was able to eat and eat and never gain weight! Now, unfortunately, reality has caught up with me. So I try to catch myself and remind myself that the two seconds of taste bud heaven is just not worth it. And, I wish we had those treats here! Things like that are only sold in the health food stores, and they're crazy expensive!


Sounds cute, Elena! I'll try to check it out later. BTW, Rav Brody told me the event was amazing! Kol Hakavod!!


You're absolutely right, Rivka. It also doesn't mean free from cruelty to animals, sadly enough. Cows and chickens are raised in the exact same cramped conditions for both kosher and non-kosher brands, and veal is still considered kosher, which I find terrible. I imagine that the Rema and the Shulchan Aruch never would have thought that the conditions for raising livestock would deteriorate to the point that they exist today. Would they still consider animals raised in such horrifying conditions kosher? It's an interesting thought.


"Can dogs really not eat chocolate?" Correct, they cannot. It is poison to them; they could die if you give it to them. They still want it nonetheless! I'm sure you know this, Racheli, since you loved your dogs enough not to give in to them; but this is for those who really don't know.


Thanks, Chava! I had obviously heard it, you're right, but I just wanted to know if it was something that everyone tells each other but isn't really true, or if there was a real basis for saying it. My husband's dog had a bottomless pit for a stomach. One night, before we had kids, we went out, and David left 12 packs of tortillas that he got from a business trip on the counter, he thought far enough back that she couldn't read them. Well, when we came home, you can imagine that all 12 packs were eaten! I don't even want to tell you the mess she made in the house that night... and guess who had to clean it up?!

Elena Kuchik

Thank you, Racheli!!!
it was amazing!!!!!To see Rav Lazer Brody first time in person in our house!!!!And on the other hand it felt like I already know him for so many years!
the story (Frog and Toad) talks about something called willpower..:)(forgot what it is..haha)
they baked cookies and couldn't stop eating them...were trying different techniques, but it didn't work...eventually they gave cookies to the birds..only to regret it and make another batch :)
we are all hopeless...But Rabbi Nachman said - there is no despair! :)

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