Garden of Wisdom, Lesson #17: Big Brain, Small Sense
Sunday Night Feb. 26 in Efrat

Parshat Mishpatim, 5777: Sold into Servitude

The Torah talks about the man who sells his daughter into servitude. She works for her owner, and he has the right to marry her if he desires, but the Torah obligates him to give her three things. What is the hidden message that the Torah is conveying here? Enjoy today's eye-opening mini-lesson, which is certainly something you can give over on the Shabbat table, and have a lovely Shabbat Shekolim-Mevorchim!


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Elena Kuchik

Bat-Melech - neshama..OMG - such a hashgaha again!!
this is my dvar Torah from yesterday :)

When we cook and do other preparations for Shabbat - we are ready to meet the King - at our table. Shabbos - yom Hashem..When Shabbos leaves and we can do all the melachot again - there is a tradition to make a mystical meal - Melave Malka - escorting the Queen..How did the King suddenly turn into Queen and who is she - the mysterious Malka? It seems to me there is a parallel to Rabbi Nachman tale - Lost Princess...and the Queen is really the daughter of the King (of course in very kabbalistic terms). She represents Shehina, or on a personal level the divine neshama that is inside all of us. The King - Hashem - really never leaves - he is always where we are. But the Princess, our innermost divine soul is sometimes "lost". And so is the connection to Hashem. Because to connect to Hashem you really just need to connect to your divine neshama first. During Shabbat we reconnect to ourselves and princess is so to say with us. On Shabbos we don't talk about future plans and dont make plans for the next week - because Shabbos is mein Olam Habo = we are already there and we don't want to go back to everyday life. But if we didn't fulfil our tikun yet - the princess leaves - for how long - 1 year , 70 years or hopefully only for 1 more week.. and we don't want her to go..we want more of that closeness to ourselves and to Hashem..."As for me - closeness to Hashem is my only good". And we have Melava Malka.. and promise her we will not stop searching to have her forever..
"There is a small and utterly indestructible bone in the body called the “luz” bone. It is the bone which sits at the base of the neck. It is from this bone that G-d will reconstruct the entire body when the time arrives for the resurrection of the dead. The “luz” bone is nourished only from the Se’udat Melava Malka, the Saturday night fourth meal." - through our connection to our neshamot - because if we are connected to our eternal neshamot - WE COULD NEVER DIE

and my daughter Basya - Basya - literally - "daughter of Hashem" - meuvedet Bat Melech (Lost Princess)..."How he freed her is not told, but in the end he took her out."

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