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Tuesday, 07 February 2017


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Aimee Cohen

Great post! I was trying to tell someone whose kid tried the conventional way and still has cancer about some of these things but was angrily rebuffed. So sad. Other than davening not sure what I can do. Not to take away from that. Just today my husband told me about baking soda - sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate and there are others - and their role in healing and killing cancer. Kol Hakavod for trying to help people! May it get to the right people!

Moshe Stoker

Apart from the well-meaning and general advice regarding Vitamin D., this is a must read! Unfortunately very few Health Practitioners know hTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis). Vitamin D can be very dangerous to certain people (who are out of balance with key minerals). Kindly contact me if you would like more information regarding Mineral Balancing and hTMA.

Moshe Stoker

Calcium and Vitamin D Supplementation:
A Health Disaster for Many People?
Rick Malter, Ph.D.
Malter Institute
漏 November, 2013


Thanks, Aimee! I totally feel you. It's so frustrating and heartbreaking when you're trying to tell people that there are other options and they won't listen. I've gone through it myself. I mean, for God's sake, the child is already dying. Why not just try everything you can??!!!


Thanks for your input, Moshe! I'll take a look at that site. This is the first time I've heard anyone say that vitamin D may harm you. Obviously it can be toxic at very high amounts, and absolutely everyone may need a different amount. But to call it outright dangerous and potentially turn people away from using it, ESPECIALLY when these days people are so deficient in Vitamin D? I can't agree with that. Most of us don't spend even five minutes in direct sunlight, and our diets are garbage. I see no problem with giving a general recommendation that everyone should take vitamin D and/or get 15-20 minutes of direct sunlight every few days.

yisroel weiss

Hi Racheli
great post and good info.
one thing that you might research a bit more is the "animal meat" stuff.
animal meat from grass fed, range free chickens and beef for example are Very Healthy and good for the body!
eggs are very very good for overall health....
all the best, and so nice to see your handsome husband today!


Yisroel, I think you need to invest in a good pair of glasses... lol
Although I absolutely agree that if you're going to eat meat, that it should be grass fed, organic, free range, etc., I still believe that meat should be kept to a minimum in our diets, especially red meat. I'm not saying that everyone should stop eating meat, since it does provide iron and B12. Have you read the China Study? Dr. Campbell speaks about vegetarians being the strongest and fittest vs. high protein carnivores. You should check this out: http://naturalnews.com/2017-01-24-cows-taste-the-rainbow-unused-candies-like-skittles-get-mixed-in-with-other-products-to-be-used-for-cattle-feed.html
Cows are being fed skittles and other junk foods to fatten them up! Certainly the quality of these cows' meat is far from healthy! And I am aware that eggs do not cause high cholesterol, as I have written in the past. Please keep in touch and enjoy tonight's event!


Hi Racheli i am so happy to read you since i also did a great research following the death of my father with chemo:i am absolutely sure that most cancer patients die of chemo and not of cancer! But people are so scared when they are sick that its diffucult to tell them that doctors deal wirh the symptom and not the cause and that a total change of diet and lifestyle can reverse the death sentence because most of the time people are scared of changing...there is a lot to do and kol hakavod! I really believe in the gerson therapy
Btw in israel do you eat organic or are the so abundant fruit and veggies produced here acceptable?what about the fish:in the supermarket it comes from china and otherwuse they only sell raised fish and not wild but we are a seaside country:do you know a place where we can buy fish from the mediterranean?
Thanks a lot i think that the change in mentality regarding food and health is precursor of the geula since its a fight against the lies of the industry


Anne, thank you so much! I am so sorry to hear about your father! I agree with you 100%. Chemo is more toxic than the disease itself, which is allowed to grow because of the body's toxic environment. It's just adding to the problem, in my opinion. What kind of an approach is this? To further destroy the body's defenses in order to cure a person whose defenses are already destroyed? Insane, right? It's a miracle that anyone survives chemo at all, don't you think?But you have to remember that focusing on strengthening the body is relatively inexpensive and doesn't bring in the big bucks for doctors and Big Pharma. You should read "Racketeering in Medicine." I assume you're in Israel, and as you know, the problem with organic is the shemitta issue, and the fact that it's super expensive and very hard to get. I like to buy from a lady who sells Bodek veggies, but the problem for me is that they only arrive on Thursday afternoon, and that's too late in the week for me. I'm usually almost done cooking for Shabbat by then. As for the fish, I never buy from China. They swim in raw sewage! Although farmed fish in general is not great, our options are indeed limited here, so I buy either Norwegian fish or local Israeli fish. You're also right about the geula being so close. People are starting to wake up and realize that they've been lied to in so many ways. Keep in touch and thanks so much for writing in!


Thnks for your answer i like so much your posts!and you are very courageous to write what very few people dare to think: that disease can be cured with a change of diet and that it s a threat on the industry who relies on us to buy their chemicals! I have read so much the past few years that i am happy to see the truth express on dear Rabbi Brody篓 blog! Kol touv and many blessings


Racheli, everything you said here is absolutely true! I have a similar story to your reader, Anne. My dad died last year from chemo, not the brain cancer; well, that's MY opinion, but everyone else says he died from the cancer. My husband, myself and our two adult sons tried and tried to point my dad, his wife and my sister (she's an RN) towards fighting it naturally, but to them, the doctors were god! 馃檨 And we're just regular people without degrees. All the research we did and the success stories we found didn't count. He continued to eat sugar and they fed it to him!!! Sigh... But that won't stop us from sharing this information with as many people as possible and praying someone will listen and a life will be saved.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for these posts, Racheli! Thank You, HaShem for helping Racheli and Rabbi Brody talk about this! I will continue to share these posts with everyone since your wording is so perfect. And thank you for all the links.


Tena, I'm so sorry to hear that! You're probably right that he died more from the chemo than the disease. I just read this article and really want you to read it as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!



Sorry. Gerson Therapy is totally ineffective and sometimes even dangerous.

There's zero proof that it works and plenty of evidence that it doesn't. Please don't publish this. It's incredibly misleading.

The Gerson Institute doesn't publish it's 5 and 10 year survival rates. And more importantly, there have been no clinical trials to test Gerson. Ever. (Absence of a clinical trial means that there's no way for anybody to reproduce the same results. It's no diff rent than saying "trust me it works".)

Read about it here:

Shlomo Walfish

Great Pot, The biggest problem is people trust their Drs. who have been brainwashed by pharma funded medical schools. They are NOT trained in nutrition and amazingly don't get the correlations between nutrition and health. The FDA is one of the most evil gov institutions, banning natural things that help peoples while mandating and approving things that kill people. Check out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0zgyTpluHU


You're right on the money, Shlomo. Literally! I'm so happy that there are people like you out there who see the reality for what it is. Thanks for the link - I'll check it out!

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