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Purim: Hashem's Mercy

Drinking Wine on Purim

Remember, we drink red wine on Purim not to get drunk, Heaven forbid, but because our sages tell us to. To get the true benefit of our wine-drinking, we must pray before every glass we drink. If you do, you can drink a whole bottle of red wine without getting drunk. Remember, the mitzvah is to drink red wine, not whiskey, vodka or anything else.

Use the following prayers, which you can download for your convenience:

Rav Shalom Arush's Prayer Before Drinking each Glass of Wine:

English - עברית

Happy Purim!

Important Notice: Rabbi Shalom Arush can be your shaliach (representative) in fulfilling the mitzvoth of Zecher Machtzit Hashekel (commemoration of the mitzva of giving the half shekel) and Matanot L'evyonim (gifts to the poor) on the day of Purim. Simply Donate to Emuna Outreach during the coming days before Purim and Rabbi Arush will make sure that the money will be distributed on the day of Purim.


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Sarah Gordon

Hi Rabbi Brody

Met you at The Happy Minyan and then meeting with you at a friends place back in '09. Have all Rabbi Arosh books mostly in Hebrew but also some w your translation and also spoke with him a few months ago. I hope to see you again soon.Let me know when you will be next in Miami, NY or LA.
wanted to ask where I may find the Purim prayeR you mentioned of Rabbi Arosh IN HEBREW?

Sarah Gordon




It was our unity that saved us then and it is our unity that will save us now. Unity doesn't mean that we agree with each other, only that we agree to disagree.

Onto Pesach and Shir Hashirim where we become brides to our husband (G-d). Brides are eager to please their spouses and listen to them readily. Brides see no negativity and praise their husbands continually. Their speech is comely. May we be zoche to do this with our Creator and see the redemption soon!

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