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Thursday, 09 March 2017


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Puah yiska

Shalom everyone:)
Thnx for keeping up the blog with educational and practical suggestions.
I personally have hit a wall / ceiling in my yiddishkeit.
The "facts" in the post are correct yet that approach feels so stark , cold and pretty much unrealistic to accept and be happy about embracing life on that level.
I think it's essential to have fun intellectually , spiritually and emotionally and I see alot of burn out in observant brothers and sisters and all of a sudden I am in that group as well.
Accepting the "facts" as stated above is like saying u as a Jew/ jewess don't have a right to be human and have feelings or the physiological effects from life's circumstances.
Then add on all the restrictions and elimination of pretty much everything other than what's approved by the rabbis and I am left with only davening and stagnation from not being able to do anything enjoyable.
This of course is only my perspective as a woman who really enjoys life and feels so frustrated jewishly at the moment.
Freilickin Purim everyone :)

Puah yiska

-if I agree with the blog and accept Hashem is showing mercy by imprisoning yonaton Ben Malka , shalom mordechai ha Levi Ben Rivka , Wendy Runge to name a few members of our nation then how is it merciful for us a nation to just chill an go on with our lives and write it off to gam zu l'tova ?
Emuna? Doesn't make sense . How does anyone know what Hashem wants from us a nation?
~I'm mixed up today wondering what my personal mission is~
All the best

Puah yiska

Addendum 2
Today we r encouraged to recite psalm 22 seven times. I started early this morning and I'm just about to recite my seventh.
I think my previous posts were me searching for where do I put my geographic loyalty : USA or Israel -- both countries have large Jewish populations yet the future is totally uncertain in the USA and in Israel the challenge seems to be the impact of living in a Jewish country amongst large numbers of Jews who "are not shomer mitzvot" .
So while I'm internalizing psalm 22 it becomes completely obvious life is really challenging and Hashem for sure is merciful and I'm going to keep praying for the opportunity to have the courage to take the leap of faith and relocate to to Israel based on a foundation of emuna rather than fear.
All the best!


Rabbi --
I turned this blog post into a poem for today's Purim Seuda Dvar Torah. I don't pretend to be a writer, but I hope you like it.
Yosef, your shliach in Maalot

Please bear with me as I relate
Over the crumbs left on our plate
Today's dvar Torah
It won't be a snore-a
For a Purim limerick did I create.

Rebbe Nachman of Breslev does teach us
That Hashem made creation so to love us
If there was no creation
There would be no nation
Of Jewish people - and that is us!

What do we learn from this teaching?
We can conclude without reaching…
That we each are creations
And all our relations --
His love is on us without breaching

Three things we now can conclude
About Rebbe Nachman's attitude.
Hashem's love exudes mercy
On me, you, and cousin Percy,
For each one of us these include:

The first rule that we must believe
Although sometimes hard to perceive.
Hashem created you
In order to love you.
On this, He does not deceive.

Rule two comes from the first:
Everything in life is coerced
This is a good thing
For our father is the King
From his love are these things dispersed.

On these rules Chazal all agree.
What follows is Rule number three:
I should exude
Undying gratitude
For my Father's loving guidance for me.

These rules comprise a truth
For both old men and the youth
What Purim is about --
Say it with a shout!
From your house, your car, or your booth:

From Tel Aviv to New Jersey
There can be no controversy:
Hashem saves our Nation
From certain Annihilation
Just to show us his Mercy.

May unfathomable miracles be found
Here in Eretz Israel and around
From Mordechai to Moshaich
May I be a shliach:
Blessings for you should abound!


Where's the mercy when despite living a Torah life, to the best of one's abilities/health/wealth of course, many Jews suffer for a lot of their lives in all sorts of ways - illnesses, physical pain, mental torture - all kinds? It might be a test, punishment or a challenge, but time and time again as a whole nation we have failed - regardless of how observant or sincere we felt we had been when performing mitzvahs or learning at the time. People are complex, and for a high number of Jews frumkeit has only caused immeasurable pain and hasn't 'worked' for them.


Sal, the "Garden of Emuna" and "The Trail to Tranquility" both give detailed answers to your question - I strongly suggest that you read them both. Blessings, LB


Without redemption and mass prayers, without Purim. I can't understand why no body no rabbi speaks on it.

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