Purim: Hashem's Mercy
Parshat Tetzave-Zchor, 5777: A Dwelling Place for Hashem

Rav Shalom Arush: Always Grateful

Here's a treat for Shabbat Zchor and Purim: My beloved teacher and spiritual guide Rav Shalom Arush, may Hashem bless him, says that the light of Purim is Hashem's ever-vigilant Divine Providence that is constantly performing miracles that are concealed within seemingly "natural" events. For this, we must be grateful always. Enjoy the following five uplifting minutes and have a wonderful Shabbat and a very joyous Purim!


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I always love listening to Rabbi Shalom Arush! Such inspiring words and encouragement. May he be blessed always. Happy Purim to all!

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