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Tuesday, 14 March 2017


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Avi S

Your post seems pretty shallow. Yes, there is an element of marketing involved, but you are strongly implying that gluten-free labels are there just to make food seem healthier. You obviously have never seen the pain of a child with celiac. You've never watched your young child go an entire year without gaining even a gram of weight. You've never seen a small child go without snacks that all her friends get to eat because their body doesn't reject gluten.

Labelling food as gluten-free is a God-send for children with celiac, and for adults, too. No more guessing whether an innocuous-seeming food will have your child writhing in pain after just a few bites.

Shloimie K

Is it true that most potato chips are made from rotten potatoes deep fried in canola oil that is rancid and toxic?

Lazer Brody

Avi, I advise parents of Celiac children not to buy anything processed. Company food technologists cannot be trusted to honestly list what's inside a product nor can the government supervision authorities who are supposed to check and verify that those company labels are truthful. Buying any processed food, GF or not, is like playing Russian roulette with your child's health. There are hotdogs made out of the worst ingredients in the world containing a host of carcinogens, but labelled GF; a parent who feeds them to his child can't say that he truly cares about the child's health.
Just for the record Avi, you won't find a more compassionate, caring health conscious human being than Racheli. I appreciate your sensitivity, but the vicious attack on her is totally unjustified, as you'll see if you go back and carefully reread what she wrote.
There's a lot to do to improve the health and life quality of a child who suffers from celiacs. Consult an expert naturopath and look into a totally natural diet complemented with the right probiotics. Every blessing, LB


Racheli you speak the truth!the essential for most of us is to stay away from processed food and to COOK our food ourselves;i heard an american specialist said:man made is madness;god made is good!


I have been following the dieting advice for about 5 weeks
Beginning weight 214 pounds
Today 194 pounds
Thank you and please give my regards to David I met him in pinecrest Florida with Rabbi Brody


David, I'm so proud of you!! Keep up the great work and keep filling us in! I will give my David your regards.


You are totally right, Anne! I even read somewhere that a woman wrote when she makes her own pasta for her husband, who has Celiac, he CAN eat it without suffering side effects. But when he goes out to eat, he most certainly cannot eat the pasta! Isn't that amazing? Thanks for writing in and keep in touch!


Avi, thank you for your comment. However, you have completely missed the point of my article. I specifically wrote that people who DON'T have Celiac should not be eating GF, as it offers no benefits! I clearly stated that people with Celiac MUST eat GF! I don't know why you missed that. Furthermore, my article in no way speaks poorly of the GF label with regards to helping Celiac sufferers know what they can and can't eat! You should read the article again now that I have given you clarification.


This made me think about the "Fat-Free" craze. I got caught up in it too; buying processed, packaged "foods" like cookies, etc., thinking I would be able to eat my cookies and lose weight doing so. Not! Lol. Once we began our road to healthy eating, we realized all those fancy labels they put on processed foods could never make them healthy. It's all about making money at the expense of people's health. But we have control; just don't allow it in our grocery cart. 馃槉 Thank you, Racheli!


Nice article! Thank you. But two points:

"Aren't all doctors and scientists running around like Chicken Little for the past several years, screaming that the sky is going to fall if we keep eating gluten?"

No. Of course not. The NIH (among others) has a _very) extensive list of studies and meta-studies. All of which point out that non-coeliac gluten free diets have zero impact on weight loss. (Here's one: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4406911/. You'll find plenty more on PubMed and Scopus)

Can I suggest you write a post about food labels and what they really mean vs. what manufactures want you to think? For example: The differences between "100% Organic", "Certified Organic", and "USDA Organic" or may favorite: "Non GMO certificated" (Um. Every fruit and vegetable you buy in a store is the result of extensive genetic modification...)


You're right, Tena! In fact, just the other day I was trying to explain to someone that things like non-fat yogurt are a total scam, because they add tons of sugar, which turns into fat! I told her it's better to eat higher fat and lower sugar, because your insulin won't rise as high. Amazingly enough, I don't think she was convinced...


Kalman, thanks for your input! I tend to exaggerate a bit with my writing. I know that not all doctors are saying this, but you have to admit it's very trendy and a great "healthy" marketing angle. Also, I don't trust things from the NIH, as they are a government operation and therefore very biased and have their own agenda ($$$.) While there may be truth to certain things they say, I prefer to go on the recommendation of non-mainstream sources that aren't tainted by their insatiable greed. At least, hopefully not. I will look into those labels and post something soon, G-d willing. Thanks so much!


Shloimie, I don't really know if they're made from rotten potatoes, but they might as well be! Potato chips that are deep fried in any type of vegetable oil (from canola to soybean) contain tons of trans fats, and even worse, a carcinogenic ingredient called acrylamide. Acrylamide has been labeled a "possible human carcinogen" by the International Agency for Research on Cancer. It's also a neurotoxin, as has been linked to nerve damage among other problems. Furthermore, the vegetable oils are polyunsaturated fats, which do in fact become rancid when exposed to oxygen, and they contribute to the rise of free radicals in the body. Vegetable oils cause weight gain, inflammation, aging, cancer, and even clotting. Canola, soybean, and corn oil are all made from GMO's, which we really don't know the long-term effects of yet. The bottom line - there's nothing good about eating a potato chip, aside from the taste! lol


Racheli, you say that "I don't trust things from the NIH, as they are a government operation and therefore very biased and have their own agenda ($$$.)". You don't need to trust the NIH if you don't want to. That's *exactly* why the NIH or any other reputable organization will always publish their clinical study design and data: It allows anybody else to recreate the experiment and see if they too can get to the same results.

You also say that "I prefer to go on the recommendation of non-mainstream sources that aren't tainted by their insatiable greed." But non-mainstream sources can be just as equally motivated by profit and greed. Your average practitioner of Crystal therapy, Homeopathy or Iridology is just as motivated by money as the next guy.

It's not a question about mainstream vs non-mainstream. Good medicine -mainstream or not- is evidence based and backed by valid clinical testing and results. Bad medicine isn't. Most (but not all) non-mainstream medical information is not backed by valid clinical data.


Kalman, let's agree to disagree. You should start reading books like Racketeering in Medicine and other such books written by doctors that expose the real face of mainstream medicine.

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