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Wife, or Wolf?

OMG am I going to get in trouble for that title. But let me explain! First, I just have to say that I'm so excited that Purim is coming up! I don't have a costume yet, but I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be able to find something. Here is my oldest son's idea of a Purim costume.


What do you think? Do you like it? Does it bring out his eyes? And what's with the fingers? Is he learning sign language? What does this mean??

Well of course I refused to buy it, because I don't think that going as a thief/terrorist/criminal is exactly appropriate for Purim. Speaking of inappropriate, the toy store also had tons of rap-style chains, hats, and shirts that look like fake tatoos. I tried like six hats on, then found myself debating which type of chain would be most flattering for me, and I ended up picking the big fat gold dollar sign with lots of fake diamonds on it. I'm so spiritual, yo.

But seriously, I'll tell you what's not flattering. It's when I put on my daily Purim costume of big bad wolf. Did you ever see that show, "When Animals Attack"? David tells me they had me in mind when they came up with that show. Isn't he just the sweetest?? Luckily for me, I'm not the only woman on a rampage when I get mad. 

I'm sorry to do this, but in all fairness, I must let you ladies know that we are, to a very large degree, responsible for the peace in the home. We're also greatly responsible for the sustenance and abundance that our families enjoy (or not.) But before you skip to another site, chillax! He's also got a few insights on the men out there that makes them just as responsible for building up or messing up your families. Ladies, doesn't that make you feel so much better? But hold up! This doesn't mean that all you couples can go and start a blaming war. Instead, you've got to read Rav Brody's Tale of Two Wolves.  It'll save you lots of fights. Trust me.

I'll let you in on a little secret that's not so secret. You know all those marital fights you're having? Rav Shalom Arush boils it down to one cause: ingratitude. Nothing is worse than an ingrate, both to your spouse and to Hashem. Rav Arush tells us that there were actually two very different (what an understatement) people who you would never see a connection between, yet he says they both suffered from ingratitude, and this ultimately led to their downfall. Who were these people? And what is the connection to Purim? Well, you know, you've got to read Downfall of the Ingrate to find out!

If you've been following my health posts, you know that I've been saying some pretty controversial stuff. Well, the controversy continues with my latest, Beat Brest Cancer! You're about to find the real reasons so many women are suffering from this terrible disease, lo aleinu. And even better, you're about to find out what you can to to prevent and heal! Please share this with others! 

It's unbelievable, but every time I read our Emuna Therapist, Rebbetzin Yehudit Channen's articles, I get chills when I finish. I'm sure I'm not the only one! This week, she tells the story of how her father came back to Judaism years after suffering the trauma of watching his father drop dead in the middle of prayers at the Synagogue. Talk about insane! You don't want to miss My Father's Faith! And please tell me if you also got chills at the end, okay? 

Oh, my goodness. Sara Bercovics' article had me on the edge of my seat and literally holding my breath. She writes about the tremendous miracle Hashem did for her when her husband suddenly became deathly ill. Why did she decide to put on A Scarf for Life?  And I'm not talking about one of those winter scarves. That would be silly. 

Dr. Zev Ballen, our other amazing Emuna Therapist, gives us some great tips on how to use our Divine Search Engine. What does this mean? You know I'm not going to answer that, right? 

I think David Perlow must have seen this picture of my son, because he's asking him, "Where's Your Smile?" That was seriously so lame, but this article is anything but! He talks about one of the main reasons kids leave observant Judaism, and he gives us pointers on how to keep them on the path of Torah. This one's a must read for anyone with kids, who knows kids, who used to be a kid, and especially those who teach kids!

We just celebrated the death anniversary of Moshe Rabbeinu, and Lori Steiner says that we all have an aspect of Moshe inside of us. I think that's just the coolest! Even better, she helps us figure out how to tap into The Moses Within. Well done, Lori! 

Everyone likes a good party - especially me, if there's good music and lots of yummy food. Okay, so who doesn't love this? Imagine being invited to the post-Oscar parties, and you're all ready to go, when suddenly your rabbi sends you an urgent What'sapp and pleads with you not to go. You furiously What'sapp him back, telling him that you don't want to be stuck at home with the Prudes and Party Poopers, while getting into your Bentley with your personal chauffer. Little do you realize, though, that going to this party could cost you your life. What's the big deal of enjoying a night of glamour, great music, and gluttony galore? You'll find the answer like, 2,400 years ago! I'm too tired to figure out the real number. Sorry.

Every year before Purim, we read the famous Torah Maftir portion of Zchor. We are obligated, in this portion, to remember Amalek, our worst enemy. Rav Brody brings up a good question: how can King Saul, after not having listened to Hashem's orders to kill every Amalekite and all of the animals, say that he fulfilled Hashem's will? Great question! Read the answer and more in Right Action, Right Time. 

Last, but not least, here's a link to all of our Purim articles.

And now, let the Purim festivities officially begin! Have a wonderful week!





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R Fried

I totally forgot about the chills comment you made and when I finished reading Rebbetzin Channen's Article I felt those prickley things down my arms- and suddenly remembered- you are so right! what a crazy story!


R Fried, thanks so much for writing in! I'm so happy it wasn't just me! Have a wonderful Purim!


Hi, can the Purim "Lishem Yichud" prayer written by Rav Arush be put on this site? I remember it was posted on here a few years ago.

Lazer Brody

We'll be happy to, Yosef. Every blessing and Happy Purim!


It seems innocent but his hand signals are actually gang signals. Kids can accidentally get hurt imitating these.


Oy! Thank goodness we don't live around any gangs! lol

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