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Monday, 06 March 2017


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R Fried

I totally forgot about the chills comment you made and when I finished reading Rebbetzin Channen's Article I felt those prickley things down my arms- and suddenly remembered- you are so right! what a crazy story!


R Fried, thanks so much for writing in! I'm so happy it wasn't just me! Have a wonderful Purim!


Hi, can the Purim "Lishem Yichud" prayer written by Rav Arush be put on this site? I remember it was posted on here a few years ago.

Lazer Brody

We'll be happy to, Yosef. Every blessing and Happy Purim!


It seems innocent but his hand signals are actually gang signals. Kids can accidentally get hurt imitating these.


Oy! Thank goodness we don't live around any gangs! lol

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