Operation Orchard, Part 1
Break Through! Rabbi Lazer Brody's N. America Tour, May 15-27, 2017


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Rav Lazer, mazal tov. I hope that all methods have changed by now; that's all I can say, now that this has been revealed to the world (at least potentially).

The bombing of the reactor took place 2 days after we made aliyah, and it was good that we had no idea it happened then!

This video, in two parts, shows that with HaShem's help our government is capable of doing what it needs to do. Only when it comes to its priorities within the country, does their tendency to favor non-Jews over Jews show itself. And that is the most dangerous thing of all.

May the Rav and his entourage return home safely.

Mack and Orietta  Goldschmidt Weinstein


Mack and Orietta  Goldschmidt Weinstein

Great Job. This is the reason that, despite their bluff and bluster, Israel's enemies are afraid

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