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We hope everybody is making preparations for Passover with big smiles on their faces. The house will surely be clean, but don't forget the soul. Passover is coming fast and we must prepare ourselves for true liberation - freedom of the soul.

The minute one loses one's personal sense of worth and a positive self image, he or she becomes a slave.

Lack of self-respect, self-deprecation, and ignorance of one's own marvelous qualities and heritage are tickets to the slave train. Shame or embarrassment about one's ethnic or religious background is tantamount to carrying around an iron shackle with a 50-lb. ball and chain.

These feelings of inferiority are an invitation to let society dictate how you should live your life. People who feel inferior are weak; it's easy to exploit a person with no backbone. Controlled and exploited people are the most miserable creatures on the face of the earth.

For a Jew, one of the most important Passover preparation - after getting rid of the chometz - is learning who we are and why we're celebrating. Modern society often discourages us from learning about our wonderful background, our G-d, and what emuna - the full and simple faith in Him - can do for us in every level of life, be it emotional, intellectual, spiritual, and even physical.

Emuna helps you feel good about yourself.  As soon as you begin feeling good about yourself, you become free. Every human has an inherent right to freedom; that's the universal message of the Passover holiday. Happy Passover preparations!


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Reagrding the word slave, the prophecies and Jews and Goyim...

The prophets glimpsed pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. The Tanach writers had to record the received visions the best way they could. Now I will make something very clear for you. The Messianic Era is one where many things will be in abundance and work will be decent, fair and reasonable. This era unfolds over time. We have been in it for quite some time. Some places in the world are more "Ganeden-Like" than others. As time unfolds, as the prophecies state, more and more people will turn to G-d and the good. The delineations between the sects and religions will break down. So the term slave is incorrect. There will be a command and control structure and everyone will work. The slave concept is so far from my frame of reference it is unreal. In Australia no one could rightly be called a slave as at early 2012. I'm sure Israel is similar. Work design is a hobby of mine. The importance of work to a healthy life is pivotal. You cannot really rest or play properly if you don't have your work part of your life figured out. Unemployment and underemployment are a scourge.

Some of the Tanach writers may have remembered the stories of bondage in Egypt or were surrounded by many literal slaves with no rights, so they may have taken some glee in the idea that the goyim would be their slaves in the future. I find this concept brutal and nasty. I want to work with people but no one will be my slave. I have had a variety of jobs and have been both an employee and employer.

Adam Neira
World Peace 2050

Robert G van Dijk

Adam Neira's comment would make much more sense if it were made after actually reading the topic. This way it looks like just another loose comment based on prejudice and pre-formed ideas on Judaism.
The writer totally ignores the ideas and notions relayed in the article which, btw, I find to be very inspiring and uplifting.

What a missed oppurtunity to enlighten yourself, Adam.
I wish for you to take better notice of the actual content of the articles before you comment, next time you visit.

Blessings & greetings always

Robert G van Dijk
Amsterdam, Holland

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