Garden of Wisdom Lesson #23: The Big Lie
Parshat Kedoshim: Holiness in Dealings with Fellow Humans

A Clean Tongue for Shabbat

No, we're not talking about sliced calf tongue - we're talking about guarded human tongues.

Loshon Hara - evil speech - entails transgressing up to 31 commandments of Torah at once! What's even more terrible is that Loshon Hara on Shabbat is seven times worse than during the week. Let's eradicate the time-bomb of evil speech from our lives. Here's a good reason why:

Racheli wrote about the Rack of Lamb Rabbi here. Have a look at it and whatever you do, be careful. Blessings for a great Shabbat!


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by guarding our words, we bring blessing and make our prayers more effective

Steve Lack

What a wonderful public service! Even before "before you click" it's a good idea to think. In fact, it's a good idea to think, think good thoughts, period.

Esther Rachel


Parents who make loud derogatory,
negative speach about their
children in public.
Happens way too often.
What are they saying to their children
in the home?

Parents think first, count to 10,
speak life into your children.

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