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Tomorrow Night in Chicago

Happy Lag B'Omer!


That's one crazy fire. I'm not surprised by the insanely dangerous look of it, because my husband made it last night. Turns out he was quite the pyro in his day. Lucky for me, my oldest son is proudly following in his footsteps. Can I blame in on hubby's mutated genes?  What a silly question! Of course I can!

Faulty genetics aside, today is Lag B'Omer! It's the anniversary of the passing of one of the greatest sages of all time, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai zy"a. Rabbi Shimon composed the Holy Zohar, which contains the deep Kabbalistic secrets of the Torah and all of creation. Today is a very auspicious day to wish for anything you want (assuming it's good for you,) and in the merit of Rabbi Shimon may you receive it!

Here is a short article explaining the significance of this holy and joyous day. PLUS, you can listen to music today, which is a great reason to do some serious partying!*

Great. I totally erased the paragraph that was here a second ago, and I have no idea what it said! Anyhow, don't forget that Rav Brody and crew are on their way to North America for his incredible, ground-breaking, astounding, awesome, mind-blowing "Break Through" tour! Here's the full tour schedule.  Have a fantastic day!


*no drinking, smoking, hand-holding, flirting, ogling, eating carbs, sugar, dairy, fat, or juicy, delicious medium-rare steaks unless I can have one. Ditto for the drinking. I'd love me a cold glass of crisp, sparkling champagne. Gotta adjust to the "two weeks alone with my five wild animals who happen to be the loudest ones on the block" thing. Of course, the fact that their mother is a roaring lioness with an Iraqi temper doesn't help things. 


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This year Lag B Omer fell on Mother's Day here in Miami Florida. My family hadn't seen me much and the weight loss showed. Still holding at 194. But the question is how much to lose? The original 20 lbs is gone. My ideal weight for 6 ft 2 inches is 188. No I don't exercise except for walking about an hour a day or as the neighbors say I stroll that my wife walks with weights and does 6 miles every other day
My daughter is a former swimmer and she does real workouts. My son is a black belt and works out properly too. I just do not enjoy it. When I walk I can talk to Hashem but going to a gym or doing other exercise takes a lot of focus. Any suggestions?
Too bad rabbi Brody and company aren't coming to Miami BH soon


Oh my. May HaShem bless your two weeks with perfect, little angels. 馃槣


David, that's great that you're holding at your current weight! Unfortunately, there are no short cuts. If you want to lose the extra pounds, you need to do some strength training. Lifting weights burns fat at the same time as building muscles. It's the only way to lose the stubborn last few pounds. Plus, you'll look great! I am so happy since I started strength training, I can't even tell you! You'll feel so good from lifting weights, that it will give you a whole renewed energy throughout the day! And you don't have to do heavy weights - just enough to create a good resistance. But do it! You can talk to Hashem any other time!! And, Hashem wants us to be healthy! Working out is so important, and it's unfortunately SO undervalued in the religious world. Our body is still the vessel for our soul, and it's still our vehicle to accomplish whatever we need to. So take good care of it!
Where in Miami do you live? My parents live on Sunny Isles Beach.


I live in South Miami. Perhaps I did not explain myself properly. When my wife walks the 6 miles with ankle weights and hand weights she is very focused. My daughter as a swimmer and athlete her workouts require focus. My son the black belt when he works out focus extreme. Weights cardio aerobics Zumba etc require focus. In my family I am missing that gene. I guess the Miami lifestyle I grew up in still exists it's sort of like I can work today or drive 15 minutes to 3 beaches. So when I walk I will see a tree and remember the Rebbe's lecture of trees during Tu B Shvat. Hence the stroll because I stop and think about the tree


What a small world, David! I'm from North Miami Beach, born and raised. And I gotta tell you that the yetzer's got you wrapped around his little finger. The whole "I don't have that gene" is just an excuse for what's really going on with you. You just don't have the motivation or desire to do intense exercise. I'm not saying it's horrible, but let's just call it what it really is. You say you want to lose the last 10 or so pounds, but you're not willing to work hard for it. What do you want? Only you can decide that. Exercising is a necessity of being healthy, and Hashem wants us to be healthy. Anyone that says they're too wrapped up in spiritual deep matters and neglects his health is totally blinded by the yetzer.


No I am not holy or wrapped up in spiritual matters although it would be great I just know from experience that proper exercise requires mental focus
I tried the exercises posted by Rabbi Brody when he was allowed to work out but it didn't work out ha ha
I think just keeping to the diet and increasing the amount of time I walk may work here is some more workout humor
My sister works out hardcore yoga spin class etc her husband is up at 530 everyday doing cross training very dedicated
My mom does physical therapy every other day
Me I walk and think about the sap in trees and that's funny
When I was younger apparently I was tall and played a lot of basketball
Every coach said I don't have a killer instinct which cracked me up it's just a game which of course was not the smartest thing to say
I am still very happy with the 20 pounds and I promise to work on focusing on other exercise


David, I think you've got to just figure out what you like that will put stress on your muscles. Once you do, you'll find it no problem to focus. I also wonder if you may be slightly intimidated to even begin, because you have all these people who are super-focused and motivated, and you can't relate to them. Don't compare yourself to them, even subconsciously. Maybe trying a session with a personal trainer will give you some inspiration and motivation. Consider it, okay?

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