The Time Has Come
And The Winner Is.... Akiva!

Happy Israeli "Al Ha-esh" Day!

Hey everyone! It's Rav Brody and The Person Formerly Known as Zumba Queen (at least, until I get back to the gym tomorrow) wishing you a happy Israeli Independence Day! 

Today is the 69th anniversary of the founding of the State of Israel, and do you know what that means? It means that I am supremely lazy because I not only did a Google search to find out how many years have passed since 1948, but I did it by talking into the Google mic. It also means that nearly every Israeli is celebrating their independence by eating burnt, carcinogenic, nitrite-filled, hormoned and drugged up, greasy, MSG-laced, G-d-knows-what's-in-those-kebabs, "food." Now that's what I call national pride! Bring on the Atkins-fest!

In Israeli slang, "al ha-esh" literally means "on the fire," which is a pretty accurate way to say "barbecue." I'm not even sure what the word barbecue means, and I'm too lazy to look it up. Al Ha-esh day is so much like American Independence Day. You know, I'm starting to think that Israelis are a bunch of wanna-be American posers. Could it be?? (Note the heavy sarcasm there.) Hmmm. The post office is closed. Everyone has a day off. The beaches are crowded with half-naked people that have no business walking around half-naked. The air is hazy with grill smoke. Fireworks are blasting off when you're trying to sleep. People are working on perfecting their beer belly physiques.

But, there's one thing we don't have here - football! We have soccer. Correction - we have football, and you American wannabe Israeli posers out there have American football. You get the difference? BTW, did you know that the Hebrew word for football is foooootball? You have to pronounce the "oo" like the way you say "soup." Foutball. 

In honor of Israel Independence Day, the Beams presents you with a special quiz. The person who sends us the most accurate answer will receive a special prize, courtesy of the Beams and Breslev Israel. Send us your answer by commenting at the bottom of this post.

Quiz1 Quiz2At each side of this post are rare photos of two former IDF combat soldiers. 1. Who are they? 2. What year was each photo taken? 3. What is your credit card number?

Just thought I'd sneak it in there. You know, to see if any of you are paying attention.

The deadline for your answers is 12:01 AM, Wednesday May 3, 2017 Israel time (5:01 PM Tuesday, EDT). Don't miss tomorrow's Beams to find out the right answers and the name of the quiz winner. Good luck and Happy Independence Day!


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It looks like Rav Arush is on the left and Rabbi Brody on the right. No clue when it was taken of course.

jonathan schultz

I believe those soldier are Rav ARush and Rav Brody in the 1970s!

Yosef from the Galil

Rav Arush, 1971
Rav Brody, 1981


The first pic is Rav Arush and the 2nd one is Rav Brody!! Happy start of geula day!!!


Yosef, I'm inclined to pick you as the winner, just because you gave me your cc #! lol
What's your 3-digit code and expiration? LOLOL
Thanks for your answers!


Aliza, thanks for answering! I'll have to speak with Rav Brody about the dates answer. We'll give it 'til the end of the day and see if anyone gets the dates right.


You are almost correct, Jonathan! But you need to be more specific with the dates. Just pick a few years - you only have 9 to choose from! lol


Anne, you are correct! But you need to pick two dates. Any two. Just pick some! Who knows- you might be the winner!


Rav Arush on the left and Rav Brody on the right?

If so, what a kiddush Hashem knowing who they are now!


Rav Arush on the left during the Yom Kippur war of 1973 and Rav brody on the left during the Lebanon war of 1982?


Rav Arush and Rav Brody.
1971 and 1978-9 respectively.


First guess was Yoni Netanyahu, however it looks more like Rav ARUSH Shlita' with his signature "32 Tooth Salute" circa 1972

Second image is dear Reb Lazer Brody, circa 1975

Fred Lothery

First picture is Rav Arush 1970-1982. The second is Rabbi Brody 1981-1982.


Akiva, are you a mentalist?? You are 99% correct! Or is it 50% correct? I'll let you know tomorrow! Thanks for your answer!


Aryeh, you've almost got it right! Stay tuned for tomorrow's post!


Deborah, you are almost correct! We'll let you know tomorrow!


Fred, you are almost correct, but you need to re-check those dates! Send in another answer! And don't forget to send me the answer to #3! lol

Yosef from the Galil

If we're allowed a second guess, then I'll change my dates to 1971 and 1979

Yosef from the Galil

Unless we can enter as many times as possible... the permutations aren't that many.
So, now I'll say 1972 and 1980.

Nah, I'll keep my very original answers. That's fair.
What a fun game. :)


Rav brody 1979 and rav Arush 1979


okay I will guess and say 1976 for both


Thanks, Anne! But which is which? Hurry, you only have about an hour left to answer!


Aliza, you still need to answer who is in the pictures! And hurry, you only have about an hour left!


Okay, Yosef from the Galil, we'll hold you to your original answers, but you still have to tell us who's in which picture! Hurry, you only have an hour left!

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