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Wednesday, 10 May 2017


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Eating raw seaweed is also subject to understanding how to clean it from the things we are not allowed to eat. I suggest anyone considering to gulp some down at the beach confer with a Rav first.

vincent meijer

At supermarket i can buy Japanese style seaweed in a little plastic box.
And that is what i am gonna do. Cause i don't feel so well. Of course i 'll have a fish to go with it. Because diversity is key anyway, and if Rabbi says it is good for you. And my soul who knows things subconsciously also, has a craving now for this, eversince i read this the other day....
This beats new age gurus' diet advice by lightyears, although they might have some usefull tips too, (and not so usefull) including superfood from the sea. Can't rule that out.
But the power is in the belief also. Obvious as a spiritual Noahide of the Seventh Kind (LOL) where my heart is into. And my belief comes from knowledge, that gives trust, and joy, and so on.
Thanks, take care, and shalom.

vincent meijer

And i am gooling the nutrients only just now, great!
What a tool the internet is!


Vincent, if you're not feeling well, you should get checked out by a kinesiologist. Kinesiology is the best diagnostic tool there is, at least in my opinion! Google it! lol


Nice tip :)
Just don't take extra iodin when you are hyperthroid, are hyperactive etc. Be careful! :)

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