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Chodesh Tov, y'all!! I'm so excited, because it's Sivan, which means it's a full month of birthday celebrations! Yup, I'm expecting a gift every day, from someone. Anyone. Any takers out there? (Besides myself?) Judah? Tena? Rivka?? Anybody???

This stunning pink diamond ring is from my favorite jeweler, Graff. They make the most unbelievable pieces in the world! Ladies, check out this 0utrageous diamond and sapphire cuff! I'm not exactly holding my breath for any million dollar jewelry, but if you really feel the need... tizku l'mitzvot!  (Just a little fyi- I'm a size S in clothes and size 7 in shoes. I love anything Nike and Adidas, and I'm very proud to show off my bling-bling. Hahaha.)

But seriously, today is a very special day besides from the fact that it's Rosh Chodesh Sivan. Today is a very auspicious, suspicious, and nutritious day to say a beautiful prayer written by the Shelah Hakadosh. It's a prayer for our children's success in life. 

Here's the prayer

Have an amazing month!




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Thank you for this prayer. It's so beautiful!

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