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A Beautiful People

A beautiful People
Some ten centuries ago, Rabbi Yehuda the Chassid wrote that the enemies of the Jews do not receive permission from Above to harm the Jews until one Jew harms another Jew. Do you realize what that means?

When a Jew says something bad about another Jew, he is literally putting a weapon in the hand of a terrorist. That's bad news.

The Gemara teaches that a good measure is 500 times stronger than a bad measure. In other words, when a Jew speaks favorably about another Jew, the benefit he invokes for the Jewish People is 500 times stronger than the damage done by the badmouth.

Our rabbis and spiritual guides should make an extreme effort to love every single Jew and find the good in him or her. Even when they are correcting our mistakes, the approach must be a total loving one. Read all about it in A Beautiful People, my feature article in this week's new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

In The Power and the Promise, Rav Shalom Arush writes how Rebbe Nachman instills us with the desire to rectify ourselves and to get close to Hashem. How does he do that? He gives us the power to believe in ourselves…

Racheli Reckles shows how doctors are extremely necessary and life-saving. Yet, you just have to know when to use them and when not to use them. She gives us great guidelines in The Doctor Dilemma.

Dr. Zev Ballen shows us how to differentiate between Psycho-babble and Truth.

Dennis Rosen defines Eyes of Holiness.

Yehudit Channen writes how some people feel like Second-Hand Souls.

For David Perlow, heroism means to Choose Life.

Lori Steiner writes about The Mirror Principle.

Enjoy, and blessings for a lovely new week!


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