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Emuna Outreach with IDF in Hevron

Emuna Outreach loves to put smiles on the faces of our dedicated security forces. Yesterday, we visited Mishmar HaGvul (Border Patrol) in Hevron (top photo). When we strengthen our soldiers and policemen in emuna, we strengthen the defense of our beloved homeland - it's as simple as that. Before we left Hevron, we visited the Machpela Cave and prayed for each of our partners and their families by the holy gravesites of our matriarchs and patriarchs (bottom photo). Thanks so much to our partners for enabling us to distribute emuna books, CDs, booklets and plenty of smiles to the young people in the hotspots. Who are our partners? When you Donate to Emuna Outreach , you become a full partner with Rabbi Shalom Arush and I in spreading emuna around the world; what's more, you make a direct contribution to strengthening Israel. The rewards that are awaiting you are way beyond what you can possibly imagine. Shabbat Shalom!

LB with Border Police Hevron

Above: We love making our soldiers smile...

LB Machpela

Above: You are certainly in our prayers, cherished Friends of Emuna Outreach!


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