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Tuesday, 27 June 2017


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Omg! I bet you thought you had a few years left until you were yelling at your son not to bring a chick home -

I can only imagine what it sounds like when you tell people "my sons black chick is living with us..."

Fair warning: if the chick comes to zumba - I am pretending like I don't know you..


Don't worry, Tzippy, I can be plenty embarrassing in other ways!! ;))


True dat! Bring the chick! We don't have any other bcs in the class - just wannabes like me!


Mir, you and me both! ;)


Hi Racheli,
there was a rabbi here at cheder Menachem in los angeles who gave out baby chicks to the cheder boys. suppose to teach youngsters how to care for Hashems precious creations.
i really enjoy your posts!
yisroel weiss


Thanks so much, Yisroel!! I was actually caught off-guard when you wrote that you enjoy my posts - I was expecting something very different! lol That's so cute that another rabbi does this, but do the moms appreciate it? What do they do with them? I've got this chick sitting on my shoulder all day long.


Hi Racheli
the moms actually send the chics back to the Rabbi... (:
you have a great talent for writing. keep it up!


Yisroel, keep tabs on the Beams for my post on Tuesday. I'll update you on the black chick saga. Thanks so much for writing in! Please keep in touch!

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