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Happy Birfday to Me!

Full Throttle

A year ago during a stress test at Israel's Wingate Sports College, doctors discovered that I had severe atrial fibrillation. They told me that my life was at risk and rushed me to the Exercise Corner cardiac ward of the nearest hospital. The doctors wanted to put me on Coumadin – a blood thinner, which is incompatible with many leafy vegetables that are a mainstay in any natural diet. Then, they wanted to do electrical cardioversion and try to reestablish my heart's normal rhythm by giving it electrical shocks. This traditional medical protocol would have turned me into a doctor/med-dependent cripple.

I spent my three days in the hospital in teshuva, in personal prayer and in encouraging the other patients. These were my main efforts in regaining my health. With Hashem's loving mercy, Racheli Reckles was sending me fantastic information on alternative solutions to the traditional medical protocol during my stint in the hospital. Ultimately, thanks to her and thanks to the advice and guidance of two expert chiropractors – Dr. Randy Davis in Chicago and Dr. Reuven Bekermus in Ramat Beit Shemesh – I overcame the cardiac issue and thanks to Hashem, am functioning today full throttle. The adjacent photograph is what the gym in my office looks like. Thank G-d, I feel great.

Every decision I made in regard to doctors and meds was made in consultation with my beloved rabbi and spiritual guide, Rabbi Arush. This is the key point: before deciding anything about doctors and medicine, consult your own rabbi and spiritual guide. That way, you're bound to be blessed no matter what decision you make. But even before you consult whoever you consult, be sure to read Doctors and Meds, Yes or No?, my feature article in this week's brand new issue of Breslev Israel web magazine.

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Happy Birthday, Racheli Reckles! Yup, today is Racheli's b-day and she wants to celebrate. She asks, "So many people walk around like zombies, dead people, semi-conscious and hunched-over, with scowling faces or blank looks. So many people barely greet each other. C'mon folks, where's the joy, the singing and the dancing?" Don't miss Racheli's Live with Passion.

Thank G-d for Dr. Zev Ballen! His articles are a free dose of emuna therapy that are lifelines for thousands of people, and this week's The Deadly Displacement is no exception.

Dovber Halevi shines a Light in Today's Darkness.

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Enjoy, and have a beautiful new week! If you haven't yet read Rav Shalom's new book in English, The Garden of Miracles, you don't know what you're missing!


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