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Monday, 12 June 2017


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I'm not one to usually comment, but, just in case the readers think the picture above is staged (the one where it looks like Racheli has been thrown-up on by a monster that spews out trashy, cheap jewelry) it's really the way she dressed today! (Happy birfday sweetheart).


Daniel Michael



Just wait till you get home, babe.


Yom Huledet Sameach, Racheli!!
I am sending you neshikot will all the blessings you can think of encapsulated!
Go on sharing your beautiful inside with all of us for many more years to come!
And enjoy your birthday cake! It is only ONCE a year!!! :P

aharon dobinsky

Happy birthday Racheli. Rivka and I wish you all the best in health, wealth and love.

Chana Katz

Happy Birfday! You are so wise for someone so young!! Enjoy all 6our blessings and thanks for your bracha to us! Dr. Chana


Thank you so much, Daniel!! I'm thinking that Leah and I should take a girls' spa trip in honor of my birthday...


You're right, Sarah! Maybe I will enjoy a nice piece of sugary, chocolaty, yummy birthday cake!


Thanks so much, Aharon! Kisses to Rivka!! When are you coming over already?


Dr. Chana, you're so cute!! When are we going out? Nu??


Happy Birthday, Racheli ~ may you be blessed to be a Zumba Queen until 120.... when all the 20 year olds are huffing and puffing and you are 100 and wearing your 20 pounds of jewelry bouncing around without a drop of sweat and looking at them like "what's the problem?" - after just having cooked a 10 course breakfast for your 100 + great-grandchildren who were dropped off at your home for the week so all your children and grandchildren could go on a cruise to the Bahamas! :)
Every Blessing for a wonderful year of peace, happiness, health, love, emuna, nachas from your children and your husband too (may he be more behaved! and understand better that you are always right!) and continued success doing your mission in life! Love, Tiferet Israel


Ahhh...Happy Birthday to my little Israeli friend!!! May this be your best one yet! 39; so young! I'm 17 years older than you and my piece of advice is to...not rush the days. Savor every moment with your loved ones so you will not have regrets. Oh, and take tons of photos and videos of your husband and children, but make sure YOU're in them too. Twenty years from now you and your family will be SO glad. 馃槃
Next year I'll come for your 40th Birthday Bash! (HaShem willing馃槈).

P.S. Seriously, I want to send you some California goodies. Email me your mailing address and anything you've been craving.

P.P.S. I love your bling! 馃槣


Tena, you're too sweet!! Thank you so much! I'll email you shortly.


Tiferet, that was the coolest birthday wish I ever got! How do you know me so well? You were spot-on! Except for the fact that I do sweat, and I love to sweat! While all the ladies are complaining that it's hot in the room, I'm like, "Turn the fans off, womenz! You're supposed to sweat! What did you come here for, then?" Seriously, they put the a/c on 16. 16!!! That's freezing!! One day you should come to Zumba with me. It's so much fun!


Haha - I love the post
Happy Birthday!!!

There is no such thing as too much bling - especially when your at Zumba :)

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