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Wednesday, 28 June 2017


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But not when it comes to husbands making their wives happy right? I forget exactly what it said in the "little green book", but somewhere along the lines of husbands are allowed to go into debt to make their wives happy?

And wasnt Rav Arush in a tremoundous amount of debt at some point in his life and Hashem cleared it for him?


Thank you Rabbi Brody. What happens if you don't buy anything extravagant but have a normal house, help in the house for a part time working wife who is also BH expecting, 1 normal mini van, normal expenses including multiple tuitions, Camp clothes, and food and you are still going in debt by just trying to maintain a Frum life? BH I am paid well but we constantly have negative cash flow. Are there things to "tweak" I am sure but the reality is it wouldn't make a huge difference. Should we sell our house and cram into a small apartment but risk Shalom Bais etc. Maybe. We barely even go on vacations and if we do it's once a year free on points. We stay at home every Yom Tov BH. Bottom line is "I feel" my family is "normal" And I have no idea what to do. I would be grateful for your advice and guidance. It's a stress that is eating away at me and others I know.

Lazer Brody

Feivel, read "The Garden of Riches" - if you still have questions, write me again. Meanwhile, blessings for your parnassa. B'hatzlacha, LB

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