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Wild Asiatic Parakeets

Wild Parrots Ashdod 2
During a recent hitbodedut (personal prayer) session in the citrus groves east of Ashdod, I spotted something I've never seen in Israel - wild parrots (see image above, which I took). At first, I thought they were some escaped parakeets from the nearby neighborhood, but that seemed odd because they were so large. When I came home, I did a search and happily discovered that they are wild Asiatic parakeets, aka as "Ringneck" or "Long-tailed" parakeets. I spotted a male and female that exactly resemble the ones in the prototype photo below. Our beloved holy homeland is a haven for all types of exquisite birds and wildlife. For sure, such sites inspired King David to compile Perek Shira. Our sages tell us that he knew the language of the birds, flaura and fauna. Thank You, Hashem!

Ring-neck (Asiatic) parrot


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Beautiful birds.

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