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Tuesday, 04 July 2017


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Hi Racheli.

I have an idea (maybe I'm enabling you and you shouldn't be listening to me...?). You gave LBC to a friend down the street. Why don't you take Natan with you for a follow-up visit to see how the little fella's doin' (or maybe it's the little lady - you still don't know.). The only thing is, you can't take him (or her) back home. It's just to reassure you both that Chickie's being taken care of.

Whether you do this or not, you'll let us know?


Thank you for sharing this sweet endearing story. I also want to hear a follow up story about LBC.

Some of the best life lessons I learned was from having and caring for a pet as a young girl. I was able to overcome my intense irrational fear of animals, dogs in particular.

LBC, you brought a big smile to my face today!


Hi Chava! You're so cute! I have been debating over this idea for the past week, and aside from not having time to stop by and see him, I've been concerned if Natan would want him back. Then what would I do? I could only imagine dragging his screaming little self out the door and having to deal with his hysteria the rest of the day. He's quite stubborn. So in the meantime, I haven't stopped by, and I haven't called either, because I'm scared to hear bad news! But if I do, I'll certainly let you know!


And YOU brought a smile to my face, Lori! Thanks so much for writing in!!

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