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Sunday, 30 July 2017


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After watching your shiur ...this cold carp has become electric ... fuel is on the fire Rav . I hung on every word .... toda . Wishing all Yisrael a meaningful Tisha b''Av ... may we remember who we are without feeling we need to keep referring to Esav and Yishmael for identity .The loss of our identity I cry for ... daily . Regarding tikun hatzot..b'li neder .
This shiur brought more than tears to my eyes.... I was sobbing ....


One of the most powerful lessons about the true meaning of Tisha b'Av that I ever heard - even after listening to it for the second time.

I took your words to heart about Tikkun Chatzot and am starting slowly. The small book "The Sweetest Hour" by Avraham Greenbaum is a great help and encouragement. I listened to your shiur on Wednesday, picked up the book on Thursday, and began Tikkun Chatzot on Thursday night. I hope to continue this beautiful practice long after Tisha b'Av is past.

Today, someone in the office remarked "For religious people, Tisha b'Av is such a drag." Before hearing this lesson, I would have empathized with the speaker. Now however, I winced.

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