Israeli Police Decide: Metal Detectors Will Remain on Temple Mount
Facebook's Bloody Hands

Emuna, the Sole Deterrent

Friday night, a frenzied terrorist, egged on by the incitement of the Muslem clergy, entered a Jewish home in the village of Halamish during their Shabbat-evening meal and murdered
 three Israelis, 70-year-old Yosef Solomon and his children Chaya (46) and Elad, 36 years old and a father of five, may Hashem avenge their martyred blood. Elad's wife managed to save herself and the five children who came to visit their grandparents by hiding them in a nearby room, after which she called the police and shouted there was a terrorist in the house who was stabbing those still in the living room. Rescue teams were alerted and rushed to the scene. A neighbor who is also a paramedic serving in the IDF's canine Special Forces unit Oketz heard the screaming and quickly responded by shooting the terrorist through a window. The terrorist was neutralized and is still alive, now in the hands of the authorities.

How does the anti-emuna government react? Rather than showing conviction and strength, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories* (COGAT), Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, said, "We're willing to examine alternatives to the metal detectors as long as the solution of alternative ensures the prevention of the next attack..." In other words, the Government is already looking for a "respectable" (sic) way to back down to international pressure.

Can you imagine if the Muslems objected to TSA and metal-detectors at Kennedy Airport? All of America would laugh at them. There are metal detectors at the entrance to Mecca and the Vatican, but no one protests there either.

Where there is no fear of Hashem, there is fear of everything and everyone else. Where there is emuna, there is no fear of anything or anyone. With our hostile neighbors, every sign of weakness encourages another act of terrorism. Emuna is therefore the sole deterrent to terrorism - not the army, not the high-tech weapons and not the macho-speaking generals and politicians.

Urgent Update, Sunday July 23, 1:08 AM, Israel time:

Arutz 7 is reporting that the Israeli Government has caved in to terror and has agreed to remove metal detectors from the Temple Mount.

*The non-emuna term for Judea and Samaria, used by those who don't believe our absolute right to the Land of Israel as delineated in the Torah


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This is such an incredibly tragic event. I cannot begin to imagine the pain this family is going through and how all Jewish families in Israel must feel right now. May HaShem bring peace and may He reveal Emuna to all.

Maybe every household should have at least one person own and learn how to use a gun. Then announce to all. Maybe this would deter the terrorists from enter homes knowing they could be shot.

Much prayers and love coming your way from California. 鉂わ笍馃檹


This is so sorrowful; hopefully we've not been so de sensitized as to not weep. This is Jewish land; and all the muslims should be paid to leave, and those who won't deport to any 1 of 22 totally Islamic nations. It is not alright by HaShem to have freedom of religion in His land and under His covenant as given through Moses.

I understand your view of need for emunah; but I ask along with Abraham, how many must give their alligence to HaShem ? 100% Seems impossible; muslims have you all slaughtered, God forbid, before 100%

Righteous and True are Your judgments O LORD. May you all find comfort, family and caring amongst yourselves; be strong apparently the road is long.

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