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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


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Ms. Yohanna

I was born 1949 in US to very fine moral parents, bless HaShem. I am thankful to the Almighty for being introduced to the Hebrew Torah about 20 years ago. I have learned about the time Between the Straights, I make it my business to learn some history as taught by Jewish people. I am just a child and have much to learn and change in my life. I wonder if in the Sefer Daniel; he prays and there is a 3 week delay for Michael to give an answer, what this the time of Between the Straights? and so I commit to pray the Daniel 9 prayer, and I also remember what Abraham did when HaShem was to destroy Sodom and Gemorah? I ask the same thing today, how many must tishuva in order to thwart Devine punishment? 100? 50? 10? We may never know the depths of His Mercy, though we have known much in our lives. I agree with Joshua and Caleb; it a land of mllk and honey; is a Very Good land; and in transition. I ask for Devine Mercy upon your people; both in and out the land; and to make corrections to each and everyone of us; that we and the land would merit the return of the tribes; the building of Beith HaMikdash and The Messiah; speedily and in our times; for sake of our children and grandchildren. Amen

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