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Misplaced Capitulation: Metal Detectors on Temple Mount Dismantled

Prime Minister Netanyahu had a big smile on his face this morning. After a potentially explosive situation in Jordan, where a stabbed Israeli Embassy guard killed the Jordanian terrorist assailant, the embassy was virtually under siege because Jordan refused to let the guard return to Israel before they interrogated him. After a flurry of diplomatic activity between Washington, Amman and Jerusalem, including a direct conversation between PM Netanyahu and King Abdullah II of Jordan, the Israeli government agreed to dismantle the metal detectors on the Temple Mount. What's even worse, even the existing security cameras that had been in operation until now are also being dismantled, according to Arutz 7.  

Why Netanyahu's big smile? He now has the excuse that he was "saving the security guard from the hands of the Jordanians". But, looking through the situation from an emuna standpoint, we said in last Thursday's emuna-news post, "Who'll Flinch First" that, "Israel will back down to US pressure and dismantle the metal detectors." That was a no-brainer. As Rav Shalom Arush, my beloved teacher, always says, "If you fear One, you fear no one." The opposite is too ever so true.

The Israeli embassy guard provided the Prime Minister with the perfect ladder to climb down the tree that he wanted to climb down anyway.

The question is this: how many future victims of Muslim terror will pay the price now that the mosques on the Temple Mount are back in the business of smuggling in and hoarding weapons to kill Israelis, Heaven forbid? How can policemen on the Temple Mount or in the Old City expect to do their jobs when they don't have the tactical support of basic security systems? According to Jewish Law, you don't save one life in order to endanger many other lives.

King David's words ring true for eternity: "If Hashem will not guard a city, the watchman guards in vain" (Psalm 127:1). Hashem is using the free choice of the Israeli Government to illustrate how true this is, namely, that we cannot place our trust and security in anyone's hands but His. The Three Weeks are a painful time to relearn this lesson.

Meanwhile, the Arabs are rejoicing. Arab MK Masud Ghnaim (Arab Joint List) said that removal of the metal detectors is "a victory for the struggle and demonstrations of the Palestinian public, and a victory for the steadfastness of the religious leadership, the Waqf." And, that is a mild statement.

Capitulation to terror? One of the truly honest and ethical members of Knesset, MK Bezalel Smotrich (Bayit Hayehudi) said the decision constitutes "capitulation and surrender to terrorism." He added, "The message to the Arab street and the terrorists is clear: terrorism pays off." 

MK Smotrich is right; where there's no capitulation to Hashem, there's capitulation to terror. 

If you'd like to sweeten the bitter news, see Racheli's post directly below - we hope soon that the news of Moshaich and our rebuilt Holy Temple will be even sweeter that Racheli's desert recipes. Be forewarned - they are very addictive...


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Jews are good at inventing things, like the facts in this article.


Dear Rabbi Lazer Brody,

Thank you so much for these emuna-news posts! I really look forward to them. You infuse seemingly bad news with hope and emuna! No matter what negative comments people make, please don't stop. Rabbi Lazer Brody and Rabbi Shalom Arush words make a big impact on people for the good! I am praying for you both and so are many many other people.


My heart was heavy and disappointed upon hearing this news this morning. May HaShem's people humble themselves and pray and seek His face. My heart and prayers are with you all today and always.
Shalom. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป


Is not just capitulation for Israel but for all humans in this world being swallowed by Islam, all forms of Islam. BiBi your fired.

Lazer Brody

Amber, thank you so much. Your prayers mean very much to me. Every blessing, LB


To continue the thread of looking at the latest event from an emuna standpoint, there is much to be grateful for.

HaShem is calling our bluff and showing us in vivid scenes:

* The futility of relying on the government, military, and intel communities for our security
* The fallacy of โ€œby my might and the strength of my handโ€
* Our leadership's indecisiveness and fearfulness
* The unreliability of our 'allies'

Unmasking all of this sheker (falsehood) is really a great chessed from HaShem.

F Callen

Jordan needs Israel more than Israel needs Jordan. Netanyahu should be using that leverage to keep them in line.

Yitzchak Micha'el

Crazy they take out the Metal Detectors and also the pre existing camera's that was able to provide evidence of how the operation was carried out! I hope they replace these camera's with something more sophisticated and not just leave the area without surveillance as their will without doubt be another attack in the future probably far worse.

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