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Rav Shalom Arush: Moving Forward


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Elena Kuchik

Today terror attack by Temple Mountain does prove that we are doing something wrong.
The problems with mixed units are important; but I also wanted to point out, Rabbi SHimshon Pinchus said "when non-religious Jew desecrate Shabbat it is because yeshiva bohur in Kollel does 10 minutes of Bitul Torah. Its not only non-religious Jews who are responsible. i would rather say its mostly us, religious ones; we have the most possibilities to do hillul Hashem. When religious Jews in Meah Sharim beat up soldiers who wear kipot , being afraid that they are bad influence on their kids; when different parts in Jewish religious world fight with each other, thats the biggest problem.
In parsha Pincus, Zimri was guilty of adultery. But what was more important as religius Jew, head of tribe, doing it PUBLICLY - he was doing hillul Hashem - which is the main aveira, because the world was only created for 'Hashem's glory" whichis Kidush Hashem. Religious Jews publicly fightig with each other is also huge hillul Hashem.
May Hashem bring Mahich be rachama soon to esteblish eternal peace

Elena Kuchik

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Shabat SHolom!

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