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Now that's what I call, "Lox Heaven." Unless, of course, you're deathly allergic to salmon, like my soul sista and fellow writer, Sunny Levy. (Don't hate me, babe.) If you are, you would probably call this picture, "Lox Hell." Hellox. Sounds like a vaccine. 

I've gotta say that this is by far the BEST lox I have ever had, and I'm really not saying it because I made it. It's really the BEST lox I ever had. THE. BEST. And, it's super easy! Here's the recipe. Don't get scared - I didn't make this one up.

Equal parts of salt and sugar. I used one cup of each. Rub them into the fillet of salmon, wrap it tightly in Saran wrap, and place it in something large enough to hold it flat. I used one of the tins from my oven, which I first lined with foil, because lots of oil or juice or whatever it is starts oozing out. Oh, and you have to place something heavy on the fish. I used two large ice packs, a half a watermelon, and a jumbo size bottle of grape juice. Shame I didn't take a picture of that. It took up half my fridge!

If you want to do this recipe, here's the rest of the recipe: First, get yourself some liquid smoke. Second, I kept the skin on the salmon and cut it off after it was ready. Ready means after three days, in which you turn the fillet over once a day. Third, rinse the fillet really well after the third day. Pat it dry, remove the skin, and rub in some liquid smoke. Keep tasting it as you go in order to figure out how much liquid smoke to add. You don't need a lot. Next time, I'm going to rub in some dry dill along with my salt and sugar. When you slice it, use a large sharp knife and do your best to slice it on the bias - that means diagonally. I think. You won't get those perfect, thin slices like in the package, but you will get a salmon that'll make you unable to ever buy the packaged stuff again.

Now, as much as I hate, despise, and loathe white salt and sugar, I'm not brave or rich enough to experiment with a substitute for white sugar. In the case of salt, I would use Himalayan salt next time. It's about 35 times more expensive, but believe me, it's worth it. Here's why:

Let's put it this way: table salt is poison. Toxic. Bad for your health. It's made by heating up natural salt to 1200 degrees F. As a result, it loses most of the 80+ good, healthy minerals that your body needs. These minerals are alkaline, so they keep us hydrated, balance our sodium/potassium ratio, and give us tons of powerful electrolytes. Natural salt also contains trace elements that help with thyroid and adrenal function, as well as help in the creation of digestive enzymes, which not only help us digest our food better, but they also help us extract more vitamins and minerals from our food.

All that good stuff is stripped away in the process of making table salt. While they add iodine to their salt, it is in no way comparable to the health benefits in Himalayan or natural sea salt. And you want to know what else is in your salt? SUGAR! And MSG!! I'm not kidding! AND, here's the real kicker: table salt is not really salt at all! It's the flaky oil residue that happens as a result of oil drilling!!

Seriously?? After reading this, do you need more reason to stop eating it?

Not only is this "salt"' totally unhealthy for you, it makes you retain water, and it strips calcium from your bones. Furthermore, here's another secret that doctors don't want you to know: do you know why salt raises blood pressure? It's because the body is working so hard to remove all of those toxins that you've just put in your system! As a result, doctors misinform people by telling them to stop eating salt. This does nothing to fix the problem, because not only are you still not getting the vital minerals you need from natural salt, but you're still getting salt in other forms, such as additives in processed foods.

And what's the best part about all this? Table salt is addictive! The more you eat it, the more you crave it!

Read this article on the dangers of table salt. 

If you want to be healthy, start using Himalayan salt or grey sea salt in your food. You'll get all the good minerals and trace elements that you need, and you'll keep your body from losing precious minerals of its own. You'll also start to taste your food's more natural flavors, as you'll see that eventually, you won't need your food to be as salty. 

Here is a great article on the benefits of Himalayan salt. It also shares some amazing therapeutic uses for Himalayan salt. Definitely a must-read. 

I'd love to know if you start using it, or if you already use it, and what you think about it! 

Have a wonderful day!



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I find pink salt tastes SO MUCH BETTER than table salt,too!


Me too! The one time I ran out of pink salt, I had to use table salt and it was disgusting! Way too salty!! I don't know why anyone still uses it.

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